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The International Journal of Interpreter Education (IJIE) is an international peer-reviewed journal covering topics of interest to all those researching and working in interpreter education and training.

Reviews submitted to IJIE should be written in English but the books, curriculae or resources reviewed may be in any language. A review should not exceed 3,000 words in length and should consist of a detailed overview of the publication in question, followed by a critical assessment and an attempt to compare it with similar publications on the market/ curriculae or resources in the field.

Books: Reviewers should detail why the book may be of interest to spoken and signed language interpreter educators, and other interested parties, such as translator educators, interpreter and translator practitioners, language teachers, etc.

Curriculae/resources: Reviewers should detail why the curriculum/resource under review is effective, how it can be applied in other contexts, or how it could be improved.

In the first instance, you will need to send an electronic copy of your review to CITrevieweditor@gmail.com. If the review is accepted for publication, we will ask you to check the final version before submission to the printer.

Review Preparation

  • All authors must submit their manuscripts using the IJIE Microsoft Word Manuscript Template – available HERE. The template has the IJIE style embedded within the headings, paragraphs, etc., and conforms to APA style (American Psychological Association). This template helps the author prepare the manuscript in a format that looks best on the printed page and speeds up the refereeing and publication process. Manuscripts not conforming to the IJIE style will be returned to the author.

  • At present, contributions must be in English, using consistent American English spelling conventions. (Consideration is being given to the future possibility of submissions being allowed in one or more signed languages.)

  • The average length of a Review submission is 2,000-3,000 words.

  • Refer to the Notes for Authors for full details of writing style, referencing, etc