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Conference of Interpreter Trainers
Online Board Meeting (AIM Chat Room)
December 10, 2006

Persons present:  Carolyn Ball, Cindy Farnham, Cindy Volk, Doug Bowen-Bailey, Laura Covell, Leslie Greer

Not present:  Brian Morrison, Annette Miner, Kellie Stewart

President Ball called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm CST.

  1. November minutes will be sent out on email for approval at a later date.
  2. Discussion of Arizona Face-to-Face Meeting:  The meeting will be held in Tucson, Arizona on February 9 – 11, 2007.  The Hampton Inn Suites is reserved at $189 per night.  The University of Arizona will provide the meeting room.  Everyone needs to send their airline arrival information to Cindy Volk.
  3. Cindy Volk moved (seconded by C. Farnham) that we submit a $50 card advertisement for the Deaf Olympics.  Motion carried.
  4. The following agenda items were tabled until the face-to-face meeting:
    1. CCIE Discussion
    2. CIT Web site changes
    3. Review of refund policy
    4. Adding CODA to the CIT mission statement
    5. Possibility of on-line voting (by-laws revision may be necessary)
    6. Possiblity of adding a semi-retired member category (by-laws revision may be necessary).
  5. Leslie Greer (seconded by Bowen-Bailey) that Mary Darragh Maclean be appointed as the CIT representative to the RID PDC.  Motion carried.  Laura will inform Mary of the appointment.
  6. Three CIT members have indicated interest in being the CIT representative to the RID-AADB Task Force.  Leslie will send out the information to board members by e-mail. 
  7. Cindy Volk will send the minutes from the October conference business meeting out to board members.  Three members who were in attendance will review the minutes and Cindy will report on this at the next business meeting.  Possible names suggested were:  Stacey Storme and Jackie Bruce.
  8. Cindy Farnham and Doug Bowen-Bailey will test several project management softwares and report at a future meeting.  Cindy will contact Annette regarding the possibility of Palomar sponsoring a CIT bulletin board.
  9. Discussion regarding the refund policy from the convention.  This will be discussed in detail at the face-to-face meeting .
  10. Doug Bowen-Bailey will investigate other website hosting possibilities and report at the next meeting.
  11. Discussion about CCIE and SSR and their financial status.

Director of Communication and Technology Report (Doug Bowen-Bailey)

Doug has had discussions with Julie Moore about hiring a mailing service to do the bulk mail separation.  They also discussed help she might need and the layout of the newsletter.
Doug has been working with Rex Price, the host and manager of the CIT website.  Some difficulty with not being able to upload attachments.  If any board member would like a new picture on the website, send this to Doug.
The Strategic Plan:
Doug will work with Suzanne Erlich Martin to develop a working group to look at the Technology and Communication portion of the strategic plan.

Director of Research and Publications Report (Annette Miner)

Annette asked scholarship recipients to write an article for the newsletter.  Annette will create an ad for the Deaflympics but needs guidance regarding how much to spend on it. She also wrote a letter requested by Leilani Johnson to the Louisiana Department of Education stating that they are the only provider of an educational interpreting program that can be taken at a distance.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm CST.