2013 Institutional Members

CIT appreciates the institutions and organizations who are members and support our mission. Here is a list of current Institutional members. We will do our best to keep this up-to-date.

(If you are an institutional member and you don't see your information here, please send a message to the CIT webmaster.)

CATIE Center at St. Catherine University


Central Piedmont Community College Interpreter Education


Columbia College ASL-English Interpretation Program


DO IT Center at University of Northern Colorado


Georgia Perimeter College


Idaho State University ISU Educational Interpreting program

The Associate of Science in Sign Language Studies and Bachelor of Science in Educational Interpreting Degrees offered at ISU were developed to advance awareness and meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing students in educational settings.  Increased educational and certification requirements for educational interpreters have created a demand for colleges and universities to offer such diplomas.  Upon successful completion of the Sign Language Studies (SLS) program graduates are awarded an Associate of Science Degree and are eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Educational Interpreting (EdInterp).


Lakeland College @ University of Alberta


Madonna University


New Mexico Mentoring - NMCDHHNMCDHH logo

The New Mexico Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing funds several professional development opportunities designed to assist signed language interpreters throughout New Mexico in all phases of their careers. New Mexico Mentoring is a distance-based program designed to support the continuing development of both pre-certified and seasoned interpreters. Mentors (Deaf and hearing) are matched with interpreters who want to improve their skills, and the pair works with a structured 16-week curriculum that addresses specific skill sets. Each of the curricula was written by experts in the field and guides the mentors and mentees through the process.


Northeastern University


Northern Essex Community College


Passaic County Community College


Phoenix College


Sans Inc.SANS logo

SANS Inc. is a leader in instructional technology for Interpreter Training Program. Teachers and students can communicate via audio and video; students may record their work for review or assessment by the instructor. Our technology enables you to simulate real-world interpreting situations.


Troy University Interpreter Training Program

The Interpreter Training Program at Troy University is a 4-year Bachelors of Science degree program that can be taken on campus, online, or a blend of the two. On-campus courses offer a classroom setting in addition to a language lab that utilizes a variety of technology. Online, or eTROY, students have access to instructors/classmates via web conferences and online Language Lab Mentors to support them as they progress in the program. For certified interpreters, Troy offers the Master Mentor Program as a dual track internship. Upon completion, students will obtain a Master Mentor Certificate in addition to their degree.


VRSII logo

A scene from VRSIIThe VRS Interpreting Institute (VRSII) is a world-class training facility dedicated to empowering interpreters and interpreter educators through ongoing education in American Sign Language interpreting. 

As a leader in interpreting education, the VRSII, located in Salt Lake City, utilizes contemporary research-based teaching methodology and is unique in the United States and Canada in its educational offering.


Western Oregon University Regional Resource Center on Deafness



Founded by national American Sign Language (ASL) performer and presenter Wink, with the goal to provide high quality training, educational, and entertainment materials for all ASL users. With the use of our nontraditional textbooks (on DVD) curriculum we provide your students language exposer and education that the page cannot bring to life. Winkshop takes pride in their passion for ASL which leads to innovation!