1-4 June 2019 CIT Meeting Minutes

CIT 2019 FACE to FACE Minutes

June 01-04, 2019

Present: Bentley-Sassaman, Fitzmaurice, Piri, Minor, Lazorisak, Wheeler
Excused: Lessard, Kurz


  • Reviewed CIT’s mission and roles of the board members
  • Recorded conference promotional and social media videos
  • Discussed lapsed memberships and whether to consider having a two-year membership term for all members
  • Explored transitioning the IJIE and Proceedings to a University Press (similar to the RID Journal of Interpretation) to increase academic visibility and credibility
  • Committee updates
    1. Bylaws

      • Bylaws have been reviewed by several experts in social justice with recommendations
      • President Bentley-Sassaman and Secretary Fitzmaurice will amend as appropriate and distribute to the membership for comment period and ultimate vote
    2. Interpreting Teacher Certification

      • Committee has been formed consisting of members: Betsy Winston, Eileen Forestall, Stephanie Jo Kent
    3. CCIE

      • Committee to provide feedback on the CCIE revised standards consists of: President Bentley-Sassaman, Vice President Kurz, and Director Minor
    4. Demographic Taskforce

      • Demographic Taskforce was formed to include: Stephen Fitzmaurice, Doug Bowen-Bailey, and Ben Davis
      • Objectives:
        • investigate the demographic data CIT currently has and report on its findings
        • design demographic collection mechanisms for CIT moving forward
        • Conference


  1. Updated conference guidelines were reviewed and approved
  2. Key presenters and theme were discussed
  3. Discussed Conference Interpreting practices within a social justice framework and the related costs
  4. Outlined the new Conference Proceedings process – PEP
  5. Discussed the streaming and video recording of conference sessions and placing that into an RFP for solicitation
  6. Questioned how to manage archived video recordings of past conference sessions
  7. Began developing a potential CIT conference sponsors listing
  8. Group work included:
    1. Reviewing terms and procedures for webinar contracts and presenters
    2. Identifying a historical outlook on what sponsorships CIT has engaged
    3. Revisiting the CIT Strategic plan
    4. Amending the CIT Bylaws for membership
    5. Editing the CIT Policy and Procedure Manual
    6. Developing the new PEP Process (to align the Proceedings with the Conference Program Committee
  • Discussed the notion of CIT taking the lead on developing an alliance of the leaders of sister organization such as (but not limited to): CIT, ASLTA, RID, NAD, NBDA, NAOBI, Mano a Mano, etc. to reinvigorate our common communities and better share
  • Vetted technology issues including:
    1. Collection of demographic information
    2. Establishing a CIT Canvas account to serve as our LMS for Seminar participants etc.
    3. From a technology perspective, how can the membership directory be offered to members
    4. Establishing Pay It Forward donation options on registration and membership forms
    5. Allowing non-members paid access to Proceedings and how that technology works


B2019:16 – “CIT order two table skirts with the CIT logo”
Rationale:              Enhances our professional presence at conferences and is a cost-effective branding tool
Fiscal Impact:  $ 320.00
B2019:17 – “CIT establish a Pay It Forward fund to be restricted for conference scholarships.  Funds can be collected through online donations and directed to this fund.”
Rationale:            Donations can be made in $5.00 increments and the funds will be used to provide opportunities for those who may not be able to attend the conference.
Fiscal Impact:             None
B2019:18 – “CIT establish the criteria on how to distribute the restricted Pay It Forward fund.”
Rationale:            There is a need to determine how to award scholarships or awards from the collected funds.
Fiscal Impact:             None
B2019:19 – “CIT investigate becoming an RID Certificate Maintenance Program (CMP) sponsor.”
Rationale:            CIT has to outsource sponsoring CEUs for seminars and conferences.  By becoming a direct sponsor we can save money to members by reducing CEU processing fees.
Fiscal Impact:             None
B2019:20 – “CIT begin charging non-members access to the CIT Conference proceedings in the following amounts:  $ 15.00 for one-day access and $ 50.00 for 30-day access.”
Rationale:            This is possible from a technology perspective and also promulgates our research.
Fiscal Impact:             Increased revenue for CIT.
B2019:21 – “Make available for the Board of Directors the following by 31 July 2019:

  1. Conference budget 2020
  2. Annual operating budget for 2020
  3. Itemized expenses from 2018-2019
  4. Itemized revenue (dues, conference registration, etc.) from 2018-2019
  5. Actual itemized revenue and expenses for the last 3 conferences
  6. Actual itemized revenue and expenses for the last 4 operating budgets
  7. And, establish a separate Pay It Forward line item and a line item for the 2018 motion sponsoring attendees from developing countries.”

Rationale:            There is a need to investigate the fiscal standing of the organization, to establish an accurate set of budgets as it relates to our fiduciary responsibility.
Fiscal Impact:             None
B2019:22 – “Adopt the minutes from 11 April 2019 as amended.”