14 March 2019 CIT Meeting Minutes

CIT Online Meeting
14 March 2019

President Bentley-Sassaman called the meeting to order at 7:01 EDT.

  1. Roll Call
    • Officers: Bentley-Sassaman, Fitzmaurice, Lessard
    • Directors: Minor, Lazorisak, Phiri, Wheeler
    • Ex-Officio: Past President Greer
    • Excused: Kurz
    • Visitors: None


  1.   Minutes Approval

B2019:06– “Accept the minutes from 03 February 2019 as amended.”

  1.   President – Bentley-Sassaman
  2. a)    Upcoming Conferences – Sponsorships and Representation
  • RID

B2019:07– “CIT sponsor the RID conference for $ 2,500”
This sponsorship level has historically been allocated and typically includes booth, logo displays and a program book insert.
Fiscal Impact: $ 2,500 plus whatever additional expenses are incurred for individual Board members to represent CIT at the conference.  Board members attending the conference will donate their time rather than have CIT send someone directly.

  • DIC 3

B2019:08– “CIT sponsor the DIC 3 Conference for $2,000”
There is a desire to support Deaf Interpreters and this sponsorship level has historically been allocated and typically includes booth, logo displays and a program book insert.
Fiscal Impact: $ 2,000 plus whatever additional expenses are incurred for individual Board members to represent CIT at the conference. 

  1. b)   Scholarship Request
  • At present CIT does not honor scholarship request. Referred to the Finance Committee to determine if feasible to set up a scholarship fund.


  1. Secretary – Fitzmaurice
  2. Reviewed Outstanding Action Items Review
  3. Single Google repository
    • In an effort to consolidate all CIT documents and make them available in the cloud for all Board members to access while also addressing changeover and security, a single board username for Google Drive will be used for each Board member to access and store relevant files.
    • All Board members will use the samelogin and password. This password will change after each new administration or turnover.
    • Most files are already there but need some virtual filing time to organize them better
  1.   Treasurer – Lessard
  1. Wells Fargo:
    • Checking: $50,358.30
    • Savings: $26,425.93
  2. PayPal: $28,210.72
  3. Met with Finance Committee and addressed the following items:
  • Monies received from dues are to be allocated for Board and organizational expenses. Monies received from conference registration should be reserved for conference expenses.
  • Finance Committee will meet in June to review the Board and Conference budgets to determine if they are still good working models or if they need to be revised
  • Committee will prepare the Board operating budget and 2020 conference budget
  • Will also work on the Record Retention Policy and the Whistle Blower policy that need to be completed
  • Will develop a template for the board to use when making requests for large purchases such as new technology or equipment
  • Will also review recently submitted requests for funding to attend conferences from the Board


  1.   Professional Development – Lazorisak


  1. Conference updates
    • Eileen Forestal and LaTanya Jones will serve as 2020 Conference Co-Chairs.
  • Logo design was discussed
  • Benefits for co-chairs

B2019:09– “CIT will waive the conference registration and cover the cost of conference co-chairs hotel and airfare up to $ 500.00”
There is a desire to support conference co-chairs given the amount of work they put into planning the conference.  And although conference chairs are usually local individuals, sometimes (including this conference year) they are not.
Fiscal Impact:  $ 1,000 for airfare for both co=chairs.  Hotel has already been budgeted as part of the conference budget but there is an additional room to consider.

  • Co-chairs will have access to our zoom meetings for direct updates
  • Will continue to work with co-chairs re structure, conference offerings, program and proceedings
  • Will set time table for program schedule, call for presenters and proceedings
  1. Online seminars
    • Drafting invitation letter and will work on developing schedule


  1. Public Relations & Outreach – Phiri


  1. a)    Logo suggestions for Save the Date are being emailed to the Board for online voting
  2. b)Working on a video to our partnership organization if CIT Board attend cannot attend.


  1. Publications & Research – Wheeler


  1. Guidelines for conference proceedings are in draft form
  2. 2020 proceeding editors and co-editors (ASL/English) call will be sent out soon
  3. Developing an open source letter of agreement for researchers (ASL/English)
    • May need to contract with a CDI to provide a translation of the open source agreement
  4. Will develop an informational Canvas site for presenters/co-presenters.
  • Video Tutorials, list of editors, writing tips for Conference Proceedings and IJIE (ASL/English)
  1. Refined the process to accept proceeding submissions in the applicants’ preferred language
  2. Met with Kierstin Muroski – R&P Committee Member
  3. Considering publishing a volume for Interpreter Educators


  1. Committees


  1. a) Finance Committee has been appointed and met.
  2. b) Bylaws Committee has been appointed with two members
  3. c) Teacher Certification will be appointed in the next few weeks
  4. d) R & P Committee has been appointed and met with Director
  5. e) Conference Committee has been appointed and met with Director


  1. Adjournment

President Bentley-Sassaman called the meeting adjourned at 8:50 EDT.

  1. Next meeting: 11 April 2019 at 19:00 EDT

Minutes Addendum:
B2019:11“We accept the following flyer, Call for 2020 Conference Proceedings Editors.
Call for 2020 Conference Proceedings Editors & Co-Editors
The Conference of Interpreter Trainers is searching for highly motivated researchers, writers, and leaders in the field of interpreter education, mentoring, and research to be editors and co-editors for the upcoming 2020 CIT Conference Proceedings. As a journal editor, you would play a vital role in the academic publishing process for the 2020 CIT Conference.
CIT is looking for two experienced editors and two emerging editors who will work collaboratively on the editing team. Our goal is to promote the pool of experienced and emerging editors in the field of interpreting education. Editors should have expertise in the field of interpreter education and experience writing and publishing academic papers. Co-editors should have some expertise in the field of interpreter education, knowledge of the editing process, and a willingness to learn.
All potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed by editors/co-editors in order to determine any possible bias.
Editors/Co-editors will receive support and guidance from the Director of Research and Publications and the 2020 Conference Program Chair.
For the editing work, CIT will waive the 2020 Conference registration fee.
Duties of Editors/Co-Editors are the following:

  1. Follow the established Proceedings timeline established by the CIT board. (Submission dates must be followed.)
  2. Utilize Google Docs for all Proceedings submissions, suggested edits, and final proceedings.
  3. Keep all draft Proceedings submitted to the editors/co-editors strictly confidential.
  4. Abide by current English/ASL submission style guidelines when providing editing feedback.
  5. Provide updates to the 2020 Conference Program Chair as needed.
  6. Respond in a timely manner to questions and concerns from authors regarding their submissions.
  7. Utilize the support and guidance provided by the 2020 Conference Program Chair and the Director of Research & Publications.
  8. Share the Google Docs Proceedings Folder with key personnel such as but not limited to conference planners, CIT webmaster, CIT Program Chair, Director of Research and Publications, and interpreter coordinators.
  9. Do not distribute Conference Proceedings as they are copyrighted by CIT.
  10. Participate in a final review with the Director of Research and Publications after the conference is completed.

Individuals or teams interested in serving as Editor or Co-Editor should send letters of interest (in either ASL or English) via email directly to the Director of Research and Publications at publication@cit-asl.org
Deadline for submissions is May 15, 2019 at 11:59pm EST.
B2019:12: “We pay Brenna DeBartolo $500 for designing 2020 Conference logo.”
Rationale:  Brenna DeBartolo is a professional Deaf graphic designer, an artist and a photographer for 20 years. She was featured in “The Light of Deaf Women”.  Her background informatuion (Biogrpahy, photo and website) was sent to all for review. Her logo design captured the spirit and theme of the 2020 conference.
Financial impact:  None as the logo will be used on all conference correspondence, advertisement and more. ($ 500.00 to the designer).