1983 Conference Proceedings – Download PDF

Conference of Interpreter Trainers

4th National Convention


Marina L. McIntire, Editor

Asilomar | February 20-25, 1983

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  • Education of Translators and Interpreters – Etilvia Arjona
  • Response to Etilvia Arjona on Curriculum Design ~ Cynthia Roy
  • Defining Aptitude for Simultaneous Interpretation ~ Barbara Moser-Mercer
  • Response to Barbara Moser-Mercer on Simultaneous Interpreting ~ Theresa B. Smith
  • An Introduction to Consecutive Interpretation ~ Sylvie-Michèle Lambert
  • A Response to Sylvie-Michèle Lambert on Consecutive Interpretation ~ Jan Kanda
  • Testing and Evaluation – Etilvia Arjona
  • Response to Etilvia Arjona on Evaluation ~ Dennis Cokely
  • The Interpreter Trainer:  Guidelines for Professional Development ~ Crystal M. Anderson
  • Implications of Linguistic Research for Interpreter Training ~ Charlotte Baker-Shenk
  • Some Methods of Teaching Deaf Culture to Interpreters ~ M.J. Bienvenu
  • The Education of Interpreter Trainers in Denmark/Scandinavia ~ Signe Birch-Rasmussen
  • Innovative Strategies for Enhancing Professional Attitudes and Behavior in Students of Interpreting ~ Deborah Cassell
  • Providing for Comprehensive Practicum Supervision ~ Carl A. Earwood
  • Teaching Décelage Skills ~ Robert M. Ingram
  • Determining the Difficulty of Material for Interpreting:  An Aid to Practicum and Testing ~ D. Dan Levitt
  • An Historical Overview of Interpreter Training Programs ~ Jacqueline Vidrine
  • How to be an Administrator in an Open-Door Community College Setting ~ Jacqueline Vidrine

Download PDF of 1983 Conference Proceedings