1990 CIT Conference Proceedings – Free Preview

Proceedings of 8th National Convention of the Conference of Interpreter Trainers

The Challenge of the 90’s: New Standards in Interpreter Education

Laurie A. Swabey , Editor
Pomona, California

Table of Contents

  • Editor’s Introduction – Laurie Swabey
  • A Climate for Questions: An Address to the 1990 Conference of Interpreter Trainers – Patricia Hutchings, American Association for Higher Education
  • Program Assessment: A Progress Report to the Organization – Eve Dicker, Marina McIntire, Jona Maiorano, Eve West, Anna Witter-Merithew, Phyllis Wilcox, CIT/RID Ad Hoc Committee on Educational Standards
  • A Pedagogy of Interpretation -Stephen Capaldo, Language Services Branch of the Ontario Legislative Assembly
  • Demographic Profile and Brain Dominance Preferences Among Certified Sign Language Interpreters: Implications for Educators – Janice H. Kanda, Califomia State University – Northridge
  • Mainstream Interpreting: An Analysis of the Task – Elizabeth A. Winston, Gallaudet University
  • Relay Interpreting in the ’90’s – MJ Bienvenu and Betty Colonomos, The Bicultural Center
  • Ethics and Decision Making for Interpreters in Health Care Settings: A Manual for Study and Practice – Sandra Gish, Western Oregon State College
  • Doing the Right Thing: Interpreter Role and Ethics within a Bilingual/Bicultural Model – Jack Hoza, Northeastern University
  • A Method for Teaching English-to-Amerlcan Sign Language and English-to-Signed English Interpreting – Alan A. Atwood, Columbus State Community College
  • Looking at Educational Interpreting Theory: Course Content and Rationale Used in a Training Program for Educational Interpreters- Patti Togioka, Western Oregon State College
  • The Skill Gap: Is Mentoring the Answer? – Sandy Resnick, Northeastern University
  • State-of-the-Art Lab – Ann Topliff, Front Range Community College