2002 CIT Conference Proceedings – Free Preview

The Proceedings of the 14th Convention of
The Conference of Interpreter Trainers


Laurie A. Swabey, Editor | Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota | October 9-12, 2002

Table of Contents

3 Foreword
Laurie Swabey, Editor
5 Reconstructing Our Views: Are We Integrating Consecutive Interpreting into Our
Teaching and Practice?

Debra Russell
17 Beyond Knowledge and Skills: Teaching Attitude
Teresa Smith and Ellie Savidge
33 Deaf Language Mentors: A Model of Mentorship via Distance Delivery
Anna Witter-Merithew, Leilani Johnson, Betti Bonni, Rachel Naiman,
and Marty Taylor
53 Thinking Outside of the Gloss
Brenda Cartwright and Sue Behlada
57 Report from the Front Lines: Multilingual Training-of-Trainers for Refugee

Holly Mikkelson and Sharon Neumann Solow
79 Learn to Use It! Taking the NMIP Curriculum off the Shelf and into the Classroom
The National Multicultural Interpreter Project Team
95 Skill Development for Advanced Interpreters: An Attempt to Unlock the Puzzle
Marlene Elliot
107 Visual Descriptor Markers in ASL
Linda Stauffer
121 The Contribution of Prosody and Spatial Mapping in Creating Message Coherence
in ASL: Exercises and Strategies for Enhancing Student Competence

Jona Maiorano and Anna Witter-Merithew
151 Equivelance Assessments: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice
Linda Ross and Stephanie Crier
165 Designing Digital Resources a.k.a. CD-ROM Creation for Dummies
Doug Bowen-Bailey and Paula Gajewski