2006 CIT Business Meeting Minutes

2006 CIT Business Meeting

Conference of Interpreter Trainers
Convention Business Meeting
Red Lion Hanalei, San Diego, CA
October 20, 2006

Call to Order

President Annette Miner called the meeting to order at 2:20 PM PST.

Roll Call- Kellie Stewart

Total voting membership: 370
Voting members present: 161
Quorum needed: One-third (53 members)
Quorum met, meeting to proceed.


  • President Miner announced that members could get CEU stickers tomorrow for the business meeting and that tickets for the luau are sold out.
  • President Miner introduced the Parliamentarian, Libby Pollard, former NAD President.
  • Acceptance of standing rules: Motion passed.

Report from the Minutes Approval Committee

Stacey Storme, on behalf of the committee, moved to approve the minutes from the 2004 Business Meeting.  Motion passed.
Motion C06-01:
Moved by Dianna MacDougall to change order of the meeting to address motions first and then reports. Motion passed.
It is important that members be present for the opportunity to address the issues that
will be raised in motions.
Motion passed.

New Business

New motions from the floor:

  • Motion C06-02:

Moved by the CIT Board to accept the revised by-laws as written.
Carolyn Ball, Vice President of CIT explained rationale. Parliamentarian recommended removing proxy votes from the by-laws after the 2004 conference.
Motion passed. The new by-laws are effective immediately.

  • Motion C06-03:

Moved by Sherry Hicks and Lynnette Taylor to establish a committee to make recommendations to the general membership regarding the role and place of hearing native signers who are involved in the field of interpreting and interpreter education within CIT.
Hearing native signers bring something unique to the field such as cultural knowledge and perspectives that needs to be recognized and supported.  Hicks and Taylor recommend that  the CIT Policies and Procedures Manual reflect CODA International, RID’s Interpreters of Deaf Parents (IDP) and/or its constituents. The committee is to engage in teaching strategies that advocate and attract current and future generations of CODAs in the field.
Motion passed.


Officer Reports:

  • President’s Report, Annette Miner:
    • Strategic Plan: Accomplished much with thanks to the board.   It was helpful to be able to change the board structure from regional representatives to directors so they can focus on strategic plan tasks.  Each director is recruiting people to serve on committees.
    • CCIE: CIT’s goal is finally becoming a reality.  CCIE is now an independent accreditation body.
    • NAD-RID National Council on Interpreting: CIT continues to participate as the role of the council is changing to focus on issues pertaining to the field of interpreting.
    • “Symposium on Teaching Consecutive Interpreting”: CIT supported this symposium.  Sign language and spoken language interpreter educators were able to come together, learn from each other and begin networking to make our fields stronger.  This was a good starting place in accomplishing the strategic plan goal to work more with spoken language interpreter trainers and inviting them to our conventions
    • Collaboration was continued with sister organizations: ASLTA, RID, NAD, NAOBI, AVLIC, and NCIEC.  A new relationship is being established with ATA.
    • CIT is currently working with Sorenson Communications, RID and NCIEC on developing a plan to address the shortage of interpreters across the nation and to bridge the gap between interpreting programs and world of work.
  • Vice President’s Report, Carolyn Ball:
    • Reviewed the by-law change proposed by the board.  This proposed change is in the program book.
  • Treasurer’s Report, Cindy Farnham:
    • Displayed the list of incomes and expenses in 2005 and 2006.
    • Talked about future investment possibilities.
  • Secretary’s Report, Naomi Sheneman:
  • Responsible for updating websites regularly.  Made major changes to the website which included new CCIE page and re-structuring the links and contents.  The website duties will be switched over to Doug Bowen-Bailey as part of his duties as the Director of Communication & Technology.   
  • Searched for old business meeting minutes to add to our website under the link, “Business Meetings”.  At this time, there are only two: 2000, 2002 and 2004.  Collected 1979, 1982, 1988, 1990, 1994 and 1998 and they will be converted for the webpage and uploaded soon by the Communication & Technology Director.  If members can locate copies of other business minutes, please send to Doug Bowen-Bailey. 
  • Revised the Policies and Procedures Manual, pending board approval. 
  • Need three members to volunteer to serve on the Minutes Committee.  They will work with the new secretary. 
  • Director of Communication & Technology, Doug Bowen-Bailey:
  • Doug has started looking at the strategic plan, particularly the portions that are related to technology, and looks forward to what we have committed to as an organization.
  • As a board made up of volunteers, it is crucial that we have member involvement in all the work we do. Doug will be working on ways to increase the board’s ability to communicate with the membership, and for members to feel more inspired to take ownership of the work and direction of CIT.
  • Some of the things Doug will be working on in the coming year will be promoting the use of distance learning technology for interpreter educators, developing a library of resources on the CIT website, and publishing a list of interpreter education programs.  In many respects, Doug sees his role as being a facilitator and catalyst for bringing the expertise of our membership together on these tasks.
  • Julie Moore, Editor of CIT Newsletter was recognized for her work.  Members are encouraged to submit items for the newsletter.
  • Director of Membership, Kellie Stewart:
  • A spreadsheet showing membership data was shown.
  • Kellie stated that it has been an honor to serve the CIT Membership over the past nine years.  CIT has grown tremendously over the years.  We are  close to reaching 400 members.
  • For those who renewed membership here at the conference, thank you!   Please remember to renew as soon as possible!  Paying dues means CIT has a financial base from which to conduct business and serve the membership. Also remember that the CIT Board cannot carry the workload of CIT without member support.
  • Director of Professional Development, Laura Covell:
  • Worked with RID on the Mary Stotler award process.
  • Facilitated the nomination process for the Executive Board positions.
  • Acted as the liaison between the convention committee and the board.
  • Worked with the board and the membership on accomplishing strategic plan tasks.
  • Joann Kranis is stepping down from the position as CIT representative on the RID Professional Development Committee.  Laura will send an e-mail to the membership to ask members to volunteer to be the new CIT representative.
  • Patty Gordon has been selected to be the CIT representative on the RID Mentoring Grant committee.
  • Director of Public Relations & Outreach, Brian Morrison:
  • Participated as the CIT Board Liaison to the RID Video Relay Service Task Force.
  • Participated on the National Association of State Relay Administrators (NASRA) VRS Committee.
  • Attended the 2005 ASLTA Conference and worked at the CIT Exhibit Booth to recruit more members.
  • Began the process of soliciting resource materials to be placed in the CIT Members Only Section and CIT Resource Webpage.
  • Worked with ID Matters on a CIT fundraising effort at the 2006 Convention.
  • Director of Research & Publications: Vacant

Committee Reports:

  • Standards Committee

No report.  President Miner stated that the standards committee goals will need to be redefined and then a new chair will be identified.

  • Grievance Committee, Matthew O’Hara:

No Report
The Nominations Committee presented the current nominees:

  • President: Carolyn Ball
  • Vice-President: Brian Morrison
  • Treasurer: Cindy Farnham
  • Secretary: Cindy Volk

Each candidate was approved by the membership by a majority vote.
Nomination for CIT Convention 2008 Site:

  • Motion C06-04: Moved by Lucy James, Mike Lee and Chris Groom for the next CIT Convention to be in San Antonio, Texas.

25 votes. Motion failed.

  • Motion C06-05: Moved by Barbara Garrett and Myrelis Aponte Samalot for the next CIT Convention to be in Puerto Rico.

34 votes. Motion passed. Puerto Rico will be the convention site for the 2008 Convention.

  • Motion C06-06: Moved by Melissa Smith for the 2010 CIT Convention to be in San Antonio, TX.

Motion passed.


  • Naomi Sheneman reminded members that since Brian Morrison was voted to be the new Vice President, his position is now vacant.  The board will send out a call for two director positions: Director of Public Relations & Outreach  and Director of Research & Publications.
  • Anthony Aramburo asked any interested persons who want to participate in accreditation to notify Betti Bonni.
  • Nina Coyer, who served on the board for three years, publicly expressed her appreciation to the board for their hard work and implored the members to consider filling the vacant director positions.

Motion C06-07:
Moved by Angela Jones to keep the meeting open for thirty minutes to discuss current issues in the field of interpreting and interpreter training.  This would be a “Good of the Order” discussion.
Motion passed.

Good of the Order Discussion:

  • Betty Colonomos suggested that the CIT website include some signed presentations such as vlogs.
  • Doug Bowen-Bailey stated that he has been involved in video production and would like to see the incorporation of ASL throughout the website and future proceedings.
  • Joyce Linden would like a motion to be made in the near future regarding voting capability.  She couldn’t vote today because only works part-time and is partially retired.  She would like to see a motion made that would allow people in her position to have a different membership fee.  This fee would be applicable to members who are partially retired so as not to lose their voice from the organizations.
  • Joyce Linden commented that while many authors had book signings, but Joyce wanted to publicly acknowledge Liz Mendoza for her newly-off-the-press book on fingerspelling and numbers.
  • Stacey Storme acknowledged the fabulous work of the national and regional centers and asked the membership to respond to the survey sent out by the NCIEC.
  • Stacey Storme offered to talk to any members who might be interested in talking about her experiences in the Masters of Interpreting Pedagogy (MIP) program.
  • Stacey Storme wants to see discussion on how to get more deaf people involved in interpreter education.
  • Cindy Farnham stated that the board wants to find out how the members want to communicate with them, about what and when.
  • Rochelle Frantz announced that RID  and AADB are now in the process of establishing a task force and is interested in working with CIT to address training and employment opportunities for deaf-blind interpreters.
  • Linda Bozeman expressed that she would like to see diversity represented in CIT (academics, CODAs, grassroots, etc).

Motion C06-08:
Moved by Joyce Linden to change the by-laws by adding a new category of membership called “Semi-Retired”. Members in that category would have voting privileges. Dues amount to be determined by the CIT board.
Motion invalid- only 45 voting members left. Quorum not met.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:09 PM PST.