2006 CIT Conference Proceedings – Download PDF

The Proceedings of the Fifteenth
Conference of Interpreter Trainers

Accreditation, Research, & Technology

Elisa M. Maroney, Editor | October 18-21, 2006 | San Diego, CA

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Table of Contents


Effective Practices for Teaching Deaf Interpreting Processes – 3
Eileen Forestal
Demystifying Sign Language Transliteration: Utilizing the Source of Research to Achieve the Target of Competency – 9
Bruce A. Sofinski


Getting Inside the Black Box: A tool for diagnostic assessment of interpreters – 25
Marlene Elliott
Where’s the End of the Sentence? The Use of Prosodic Markers to Cue Sentence Boundaries in ASL Interpretation – 41
Brenda Nicodemus
A United Front? Opening a Dialogue on Effective Practices for Educating Interpreters to Work in Health Care Settings – 59
Laurie Swabey, Wilma Alvarado-Little and Marty Taylor
Applying what we know through translation and note taking – 75
Campbell McDermid
A Social Constructionist Approach to Gendered Discourse and its Implications for the ASL-to-English Interpreting Process – 87
Diana E. MacDougall


Marketing Concepts for ASL-English Interpreting Programs – 109
Cathy Cogen
From Best Practice to Best Practice Process: Shifting Ethical Thinking and Teaching – 119
Robyn K. Dean and Robert Q Pollard, Jr.
The National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers’ 2- to 4-Year Program Transition Project – 133
Rico Peterson


The Mentor Training Project: Concurrent Learning via Technology – 149
Dot Hearn and Julie Moore
Enhancing Critical Thinking and Active Learning in Online Courses – 167
Betsy Winston
Effective Practices in Mentoring: Closing the Gap and Easing the Transition – 183
Betsy Winston
Effective Practices for Establishing Mentoring Programs – 193
Lynne Wiesman and Eileen Forestal
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