2008 CIT Conference Proceedings – Free Preview

 2008 Conference LogoProceedings of the Sixteenth
Conference of Interpreter Trainers

A Collaborative Approach to Educational Excellence

Len Roberson and Sherry Shaw, Editors | October 22-25, 2008 | San Juan, PR

Table of Contents

Demand-Control Schema: Applications for Deaf Interpreters – 3
Kendra Keller

Interpreting Culturally Sensitive Content in VRS Settings: Teaching Techniques – 17
Mary Henry Lightfoot

Interpreter Cognitive Aptitudes – 33
Brooke Macnamara

Shedding Light on Issues and Interests That Drive Conflict in Interpreting – 51
Paula Gajewski Mickelson

Addressing the Standards: Forming Meaningful Relationships Between Interpreters, Interpreting Students, and Deaf People – 71
Amy June Rowley, Christine Multra Kraft, Marlee Dyce

Measurement of Cognitive and Personality Traits in Determining Aptitude of Spoken and Signed Language Interpreting Students – 91
Sherry Shaw, Šárka Timarová, and Heidi Salaets

Steps to Interpreter Education Program Accreditation: Putting the Pieces Together – 111
Myra Taff-Watson, Karen Petronio, Elisa M. Maroney, Lindsey Antle

Program Accreditation and Educational Excellence: Collaboration with Organizations, Programs and Institutions – 125
Myra Taff-Watson, Karen Petronio, Elisa M. Maroney, Lindsey Antle

Self Analysis Tools and Techniques: Moving Beyond Symptomatic Analysis to Uncover Root Causes – 139
J. Lynne Wiesman