2010 CIT Business Meeting Minutes

 Conference of Interpreter Trainers
Convention Business Meeting
Omni La Mansion Hotel, San Antonio, TX
October 30, 2010

  1. Call to Order

President, Brian Morrison called the meeting to order at 1:45 CST.

  1. Roll Call

Quorum needed: one-third of members registered for conference: 62
Quorum met, meeting to proceed

  1. Communications

Parliamentarian Robert Weinstock reported that general consensus was needed to approve the Standing Rules for the CIT Business Meeting. General consensus achieved.

  1. Report from Minutes Approval Committee

Stacey Storme reported that the minutes from the 2008 Business Meeting were reviewed by a committee of three CIT members present at the meeting. Minutes accepted by general consensus.

  1. Reports

President Report- Brian Morrison

  1. International Journal of Interpreter Education: Two journals have been published in the past two years. CIT is working on entertaining ASL submissions. If interested in serving on the committee, contact Annette Miner.
  2. Robust Relationship Group: This group consists of the following organizations: AA to BA, NIEC, CCIE and CIT.   Brian represented us in meeting with these groups.
  3. New Member Welcome Packet: CIT will be giving new members a flashdrive when joining CIT with information about the organization. The flashdrive will also be sent to international IEP programs and other interested individuals.
  4. International Outreach:   CIT began discussions with WASLI and other spoken language interpreter organizations during the past two years.
  5. CODA committee: 4 years ago at the business meeting, CIT passed an amendment to the bylaws to establish this committee.   The group has established a listserv and also met during the conference.
  6. Sponsorship: CIT sponsored RID 2009, ASLTA 2009, Critical Link, Deaf/Blind Task Force, Gallaudet PHD program, WOU Master’s program and national and regional grant applications. CIT has provided sponsorship in the form of letters of support, presentations, committee representation and financial support. Brian has represented us at the following conferences and open houses in 2009 and 2010: RID, ASLTA, ASLIA/ITN, VRSII, AVLIC, and Critical Link.

Vice-President Report – Cindy Farnham

  1. Cindy represented CIT at the NAOBI conference.
  2. Cindy has been responsible for overseeing the strategic plan and board action items for the past two years.
  3. Cindy served as the CIT Board liaison to the conference chair and committee. She moderated an online convention planning tool.

Secretary Report – Cindy Volk

  1. All board meeting and business meeting minutes are posted on the website.

Treasurer Report – Carolyn Ball

  1. Carolyn Ball reported that CIT has $97,321.16 in checking with incoming checks of  $10,855.55. The savings account has $53,056.67. There are also two certificates of deposit with $21,510.56 and $32,171.98. Conference bills are yet to be deducted from these amounts. The final report on financial status will be in the CIT Newsbrief.
  1. New Business

Proposed changes to CIT bylaws:

  1. Article 2 – Membership – Section 2.0 :   Kimberly Hale moved that the word “attitudes” be changed to the word “attributes”. Seconded. Motion carried. ( C10:01)
  1. Article 2 – Membership – Section 2.0: Mark Holmes moved to add the words “or mentor” after the word “individual”. Seconded.   Motion carried: (C10: 02)
  1. Article 2 – Membership – Section 2.2.1: Committee suggestion to replace the words “is limited to” with the word “includes”. Motion failed.
  1. Article 2 – Membership – Section 2.2.5: Committee suggestion to add the word “significant” before the words “teaching knowledge”. Motion failed.
  1. Article 2 – Membership – Section 2.4: Motion by Cat Dvar to strike the words   “but all members are encouraged to participate in the activities and discussions of the organization”. Seconded. Motion carried. (C10:03)
  1. Article 3 – Governing Authority – Section 3.4.2: Motion by Sandra Gish to strike entire section.   Motion carried: (C10:04)
  1. Article 3 – Governing Authority – Section 3.5.2: Motion by Sharon Neumann Solow to change motion to: “Maintain a record of all documents and files belonging to the organization”. Seconded. Motion carried. (C10:05)
  1. Article 3 – Governing Authority – Section 3.5.6.: Moved by David Evans to change the word “convention” to “conference” any time it is mentioned in the bylaws. Seconded. Motion carried. (C10: 06)
  1. Article 3 – Governing Authority – Section 3.5.7: Motion by Leilani Johnson to strike the words “of the business which transpired”. Seconded. Motion carried. (C10:07)
  1. Article 3 – Governing Authority – Section 3.6.5 – Section 3.11.1: General consensus to make minor editorial changes.
  1. Article 6 – Standing Committees: Motion by David Evans to keep section 6.1.3 and strike sections 6.1.2., 6.1.4, and 6.1.5. 6.1.3. will become 6.1.1. Seconded. Motion carried. (C10:08)
  1. Article 7 – Special Interest Groups- Section 7.4: Denise Smith moved to strike “all reporting occurs through the committee’s Board liaison”. Seconded. Motion carried. (C10:09).
  1. Article 9 – Biennial Conference- Section 9.2: Motion to strike “Committee Reports, Officers, Standing Committees, Special Committees”. Motion failed.
  1. Article 10 – The By-Laws – Section 10 and 10.1: Marc Holmes moved that we use the word ‘electronic” instead of “mail”. Seconded. Motion carried. ( C10:10)
  1. Article 10 – The By-Laws – Section 10.0.1: Motion by Marc Holmes to strike whole section about voting by proxy. Seconded. Motion carried. (C10:11).

New Motion from the floor:
Barbara Garrett moved that treasurer reports detailing income and expenditures be published on the CIT website quarterly. Seconded. Motion carried. (C10:12)

  1. Elections

Anna Witter-Merithew, Nominations Chair, informed the membership that the original nominations call was sent out in April and closed August 1. Nominations are as follows:
President: Brian Morrison
Vice-President: Carla Mathers
Treasurer: Richard Laurion
Secretary: Liz Mendoza.
Motion from Sharon Neumann Solow to accept the report from the nominations committee. Seconded.   All officers accepted by acclamation.

  1. Future Conference Hosts

Location of 2012 conference – Charlotte, NC.
Location of 2014 conference – Portland, OR.
Business Meeting was adjourned at 5:05pm CST.