2012 CIT Business Meeting Minutes – Approved

CIT Business Meeting

October 19, 2012

  1. Call to Order
    1. Roll Call – Quorum established: Out of 149, require 30% (49.3) and we have 80
  2. Communications: Minutes will be reviewed by Kimberly Hale, David Evans, and Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
  3. Report from Minutes Approval Committee – David Evans/Cindy Volk moved to accept the 2010 Business Meeting Minutes. Passed
  4. Board Reports
    1. President
      1. Organized, scheduled and facilitated monthly board meetings: Now on GoToMeeting.com
      2. Transition new board members: most of the beginning of the term was focused on transitioning new members
  • Organized and participated CIT’s iPad giveaway at the RID Conference
  1. Contributed articles to RID Views: wrote articles alone and with Doug Bowen-Bailey
  2. Participated in monthly stakeholders meeting with: CIT, RID, NIEC, NAOBI, Mano a Mano
  3. Established the ad hoc Philosophy Committee: More about that during VPs report
  • Represented CIT at RID regional conferences
  • Appointed NTFDBI representative
  1. Participated in conference planning, obtaining a Parliamentarian, organizing the VIP reception, and contract negotiations
  2. Sent out e-blasts to recruit Conference Chairs: Worked DBB to send out
  3. Worked with ASLTA for cross-conference attendance and information distribution
  • Appoint ad hoc committee for determining intellectual property
  • Responded to all inquiries from the website: anyone who contacts CIT through the website, that is forwarded to the President.
  1. Vice-President
    1. Supported President as needed on special projects such as reviewing CIT materials and website for intellectual property protection
    2. Worked with ASLTA regarding fiscal sponsorship issues while its 501(c)(3) status was pending
  • Worked with Philosophy Committee from July through the present to craft a Vision statement and a Mission statement
  1. Assisted with coordinating CIT Sponsored membership drive and reception at RID 2011 Coordinated the 2012 Mary Stotler Award and presentation jointly with RID
  2. Investigated a potential home office for CIT similar to NAJIT
  3. Attended RID Region V conference as part of the membership drive
  • Attended Institute for Legal Interpreting in Denver sponsored, in part, by CIT
  1. Secretary
    1. Typed and edited monthly meeting Minutes
    2. Standardized meeting minutes template
  • Added names with their respective positions for historical records
  1. Developed and maintained Board and Directors’ contact list
  2. Digitized all documents to CD and uploaded to Dropbox
  3. Represented CIT at various conferences, such as the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters, Institute for Legal Interpreting and RID Region V, at own personal cost
  • Closed out all California bank accounts
  • Participated in developing the Travel Policy
  1. Treasurer:
    1. See attached financial reports for the organization and the conference.
    2. Developed a travel policy that is a hybrid of RID and NAD.
  • Looks at what each committee needs: travel, food, or lodging.
  1. Point of Clarification, Betty Colonomos: Did the Board pay for the Secretary to represent CIT at WASLI, EFSLI or RID Region V? Response, Richard Laurion: There was no stipend given to Board members to represent CIT at any conference. Each member paid his or her own expenses.
  1. Director Reports:
    1. Director of Communication and Technology
      1. Website
      2. Worked with Doug Bowen-Bailey to develop 2012 Conference Website
  • Worked on website revisions & redesign: Made sure links were viable and everything worked properly.
  1. ASL video for Website Navigation explanation
  2. Developed ASL video promotional material for CIT & ASLTA for NC conferences
  3. ASL submissions for 2012 Conference
  • Mentoring Techniques for Educators & Presenters article for the RID VIEWS
  • Streaming of Conference sessions
  1. Enhance Social Media Presence
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Blogging
   Full Full (new) Assoc.            Assoc. (new) Retired Int’l Int’l (new) Institutional TOTALS
April 2011 171 16 23 15 5 27 2 11 270
Nov. 2011 168 15 6 19 14 *222
Dec. 2011 200 19 8 28 16 *269
Mar. 2012 230 8 26 6 9 31 1 16 327
April 2012 251 9 30 8 11 32 1 16 358
May 2012 263 11 31 8 12 34 2 16 377
July 2012 286 18 37 12 13 35 4 16 421
Aug. 2012 296 18 37 15 13 35 4 17 435
Sept. 2012 306 23 41 15 13 36 4 18 456
Oct. 8, 2012 319 30 47 19 14 37 5 18 489


  1. Director of Membership
    1. Committee member: Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
    2. Special thanks to: Doug Bowen-Bailey, CIT Webmaster, Kellie Stewart, past Membership Director
  • Spring 2011: Worked with Doug Bowen-Bailey to learn Member database
  1. Summer 2011: Membership information distributed at ASLTA Conference, Seattle and RID Conference, Atlanta. Survey sent to entire membership, approximately 1500 current and lapsed
  • Spring 2012: Letters mailed to approximately 400 lapsed members inviting them to re-join CIT. Co-authored article with Brian Morrison for RID News (Spring issue). Link added from CIT web site to ASLTA web site to encourage dual membership
  1. Summer 2012: Membership information distributed at RID Regional Conferences, NAD Conference, TSID conference, Symposium on HealthCare Interpreting. Survey sent to 39 International Members. Survey summary report sent to Board
  2. Fall 2012: Membership renewal process for 2012-2013. Establishment of on-line Member Directory and Demographic Survey. Credentialing and voting process at biennial conference

Recommendations for 2012-2013: Maintain and increase current membership levels. Review membership categories and rates. Work with new Membership Director for smooth transition.

  1. Director of Public Relations and Outreach
    1. Organized advertising for CIT in the RID, ASLTA, and NAOBI program books
    2. Videotaped advertising for website
  • Videotaped promotional ads for the CIT conference
  1. Liaison between CIT and ASLTA
  2. Liaison between the Philosophy Committee and the CIT Board
  1. Director of Research and Publications
    1. International Journal of Interpreter Education
      1. Since last conference, we have published:
        1. Volume 2, November 2010
        2. Distributed at conference time
        3. Volume 3, November 2011
        4. Volume 4 (1), May 2012
        5. First biannual volume
        6. Volume 4 (2), November 2012 soon to go to print
      2. Still working on feasibility of signed language submissions. We are still trying to get that up and running.
    2. 2012 Conference Proceedings
      1. Published after the conference this time
      2. Presenters have a choice of submitting to the proceedings or to the IJIE
      3. Will be made available on the CIT website
  • CIT Board Conference Liaison
    1. Supported onsite conference planning coordinator for 2012 CIT Conference in North Carolina

National Task Force on Deaf-Blind Interpreting: Jan Humphrey, CIT Representative
Task Force members: Rhonda Jacobs, CM Hall, Ashley Benton, Steven Collins, Patrick Galasso, Jan Humphrey, Richard Laurion, Jeanette Ocampo (Jo) Welch, Keri Ogrizovich, Joan Pellerin, Pearl Veesart, Bryen Yunashko. Board Liaisons: AADB,
Jill Gaus; RID, Janice Cagan-Teuber; RID Staff Liaison, Matthew O’Hara.
The NTFDBI was established in 2006 as the result of a motion passed at the 2005 RID National Conference to address the ongoing inability of deaf-blind community members to access interpreters who meet their identified communication needs — interpreters who are effective in their work and who are linguistically prepared to provide quality access. Our mission is to establish a standard of effective practice to ensure the quality and availability of interpreters for people who are deaf-blind, and our purpose is to improve the quality, quantity and availability of interpreters for people who are deaf-blind. Those of you in this room – interpreter educators – are one of our key target populations.
We are about to launch a moderated discussion board specifically for interpreter educators. This will be a resource where we can:

  • Start and maintain meaningful dialogue about research in the field pertaining to deaf-blind interpreting;
  • Identify educational programs that integrate working with deaf-blind people into their curricula and look at how they are doing that;
  • Access to resources, including deaf-blind individuals who will respond to questions posed directly to them;
  • Share innovations, ideas and plans that will support us in preparing new interpreters to work effectively with deaf-blind individuals.

Of specific interest to CIT is the desire of the Task Force to add deaf-blind interpreter education as a requirement in the CCIE accreditation standards. We are putting action and resources behind this request. These include:

  • Gathering information from CIT members to help us identify the current level of SSP/DB interpreting inclusion in current course offerings and to scan attitudes of program personnel regarding adding this content to program and CCIE standards;
  • Planned collaboration with NCIEC to offer webinars for educators;
  • Developing an annotated bibliography of print and video resources to support inclusion of training to work effectively with deaf-blind community members, as well as a Curriculum Guide on Infusing Deaf-Blind Interpreting into Interpreter Education Programs
  • Sharing a list of trainers/presenters who will be available to interpreter education programs throughout North America. This list is on the NTFDBI website and is updated as additional presenter information is received, and
  • Meeting with the CCIE directors to discuss the issue of adding DB education as one of the certification standards.

Our next CIT newsletter will have a copy of this report, as well as the names, brief biographies and contact information for all Task Force members. In addition, we have several members of the Task Force who will be here all week and would love to speak with anyone who has ideas, concerns, questions, or even better – wants to get involved and collaborate on the work of the Task Force. I’d like to introduce you to those individuals:

  • CM Hall, Co-Chair, RID Representative, National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers Representative
  • Patrick Galasso, practicing interpreter
  • Richard Laurion, National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers
  • Keri Ogrizovich, RID CDI Representative
  • Matthew O’Hara, RID staff liaison

We are looking forward to your ideas, input and involvement in this important agenda.

  1. New Business
  2. Julie Simon (Cindy Volk) moved to accept the Standing Rules as published in the 2012 CIT Conference Program Book. Passed.
  3. David Evans (Stacey Storme) moved to accept the 2010 CIT Business Meeting Minutes as written. Passed. [C:12:01].
  4. Motion 1: to accept the Mission and Vision statements from the philosophy committee as a whole.  Cindy Volk/Carol Patrie.
    1. Discussion:
      1. Point of Clarification- Betty Colonomos- 3 perspectives (Deaf, Culture, Advocacy). Remove socially oppressed groups, audism, etc. would think it is from a Deaf organization. Maybe over compensating by mentioning Deaf people first.
      2. Support (1)- Gish supports Betty Colonomos’ comments. Lots of philosophy but what is the goal? It doesn’t talk about interpreting until the end.
  • Against (1)- Theresa Smith is against regarding the term “cross-cultural.” Seems more ‘bicultural’ than ‘cross-cultural.’
  1. Point of Clarification- Eileen Forestal. Supports the concept and wants to know how many times this has been done. Leslie Greer, Liaison: sent out survey and reviewed by the Board before sending it out to the membership. First time this has been presented. Accept as a whole? But we are a transnational country, not only ASL and English. Community is much more diverse. Wants it to back for a revision.
  2. Point of clarification- Betty Colonomos. We are voting as a total document? Is this motion out of order?
  3. Discussion with Parliamentarian and the members can amend to this motion.
  • Move to amend to accept this document in total in concept and defer back to the committee for revision, based on today’s comments and bring back to the membership for final decision. Eileen Forestal/Betty Colonomos. Move to refer to committee.
  • Point of procedure- Richard Laurion. Communication policy. Members speaking need to come to the side of the room and select the appropriate color card: green, supporting; red, against; white, point.
  1. Against: Carla Mathers, will be off the Board for future discussion. The Board is unable to move forward with the Strategic Plan without the Mission and Vision Statements. She doesn’t want this to be postponed until 2014.
  2. Anna Witter-Merithew to have a GoToMeeting, or online discussion to get input from the members.
  3. Support (2): Cindy Volk, supports the amendment as the motion-maker. Wants to amend the amendment
  • Point of Clarification- Betty Colonomos, the members never got the Vision and Mission statements in the first place.
  • Call the vote for the amendment as written.
  • Amendment was WITHDRAWN (Eileen Forestal), but cannot be withdrawn per the Parliamentarian.
  • Motion to recess Brian Morrison.
  1. Motion 1 is back on the floor to accept the Mission and Vision statements from the Philosophy Committee as a whole.  Cindy Volk/Carol Patrie.
    1. Eileen Forestal AMENDMENT:
      1. Refer the Mission and Vision Statements back to the committee in order to gather feedback from membership via electronic means, then put through a vote through email referendum with a deadline of March 15, 2013.

Eileen Forestal/ Stacey Storme/ Anna Witter-Merithew/ Theresa Smith/Cindy Volk/Betty Colonomos

  1. Point of Information- Patty Gordon, Is there an electronic balloting system? Response: NCIEC can assist us in creating a system.
  • Vote: Amendment passed
  1. Result: The Vision and Mission Statements will be referred back to the Philosophy Committee for further review.
  1. Motion 2: In order to preserve the history of the organization, a policy be implemented, procedures developed, and action taken for archiving and making publicly available on the CIT Website, documents of the organization.   “Documents” refers to the following:
    1. All board meeting minutes, including those from 1979 to 2012 and all subsequent minutes.
    2. All organization business meeting minutes, including those from 1982 to 2012 and all subsequent minutes.
    3. All organization newsletters, including those from 1979 to 2012 and all subsequent newsletters.
    4. All organization conference programs and proceedings, including those from 1979 to 2012 and all subsequent proceedings.

Carolyn Ball/Anna Witter-Merithew. Passed.

  1. Motion 3: Richard Laurion moved to suspend all new business and move to elections. Mary High. Passed.
    1. Point of Information- Betty Colonomos, Any contested elections? Response- We accept nominations from the floor.
  2. Nominations: Nominations Chair Judy Robertson:

Currently nominated:
President: Leslie Greer
Vice President: Cindy Farnham, Liz Mendoza
Secretary: Cindy Volk
Treasurer: Richard Laurion
Eileen Forestal/ Betty Colonomos moved to accept Leslie Greer and other officers by acclamation. Passed.
2012-2014 CIT Board:
President: Leslie Greer
Vice President: Cindy Farnham
Secretary: Cindy Volk
Treasurer: Richard Laurion
Director positions will be opened after the conference.

  1. 2016 Conference Hosts:
    1. Stacey Storme: nominated Olathe, KS.
    2. Kentucky group nominated Lexington, KY.
    3. Result: Lexington, KY will host the CIT 2016 Conference
  2. Motion 4: Move that the Minutes of all Board meeting be posted on the website within 15 days of approval and include the following:
  1. Summary of reports with explanation of where full report can be found (and any minority reports).
  2. Decisions of the board – including those determine through f2f, electronic, or phone vote
  3. Brief rationale of all contested decisions
  4. Indication of when voting done in “closed” session & why

Anna Witter-Merithew/Betty Colonomos

  1. Point of information- Annette Miner. Asked for clarification on “minority reports.”
  2. Anna Witter-Merithew response: include discussions and disagreements about decisions made by the Board.
  3. Point of information- Cindy Volk- Clarification on ‘contested’

Response- Anna Witter-Merithew: seeking transparency, regarding financial decisions regarding conference. Also the minutes were not visible on the website due to a technical problem. Having access to the minutes, allows the members to be informed about Board decision-making process.

  1. Support (2)-Betty Colonomos. Adding clarification: more new people joining the field and more people leaving the field. It is helpful to see how decisions are made for those who are interested in leadership positions. It also important for CIT to be a model for transparency.
  2. Motion passes.


  1. Motion 5: In order to more accurately inform the membership, a policy be implemented, procedures developed, and action taken for including current board members and directors in each CIT newsletter edition. Carolyn Ball/Sharon Neumann Solow Passed.
  2. Motion 6: Substantive decision of the board made through informal assembly – such as email polling, be published as part of the record of the association. Anna Witter-Merithew/ LeWana Clark
  3. Discussion:
    1. Point of clarification- Anna Witter-Merithew: Sometimes decisions need to be made electronically due to time restraints. The Board needs to make sure that information is disseminated to the members.
    2. Point of Order, Cindy Volk: Call to check quorum. We have a quorum.
    3. Against (1)- Richard Laurion: Respect and understand the desire behind this motion, which is transparency. Although some discussions are not public, such as legal issues, HR issues, etc.
    4. Point of Information- Betty Colonomos: Exactly what should not be shared? Response, Richard Laurion: legal negotiations. Situations that RID is going through, such as HR issues. I don’t foresee any issues, but feel that this issue is overreaching. Betty: Immediate decisions may be important for members.
    5. Support (1), Anna Witter-Merithew: Boards have duties to have closed-sessions, and they can report to the members that they have a closed-session. This motion is focusing on decisions that are not part of an official agenda, but part of an email. If a decision is made, that it is documented.
    6. Against (2), Richard Laurion: Informal meetings have happened 3 or 4 times during this conference and it would be over burdening.
    7. Support, Anna Witter-Merithew: Mostly concerned with corporate obligations, finances, sponsorship and use of our names. Decisions that bind our resources (money).
    8. Call the question (Betty Colonomos): Withdrawn
    9. Theresa Smith (Betty Colonomos): move to AMEND this motion “Binding Substantive”
    10. Support (1)- Stacey Storme: We trust the work the Board does, but am in support of ‘substantive decisions.’ We don’t want to micromanage but need to be transparent.
    11. Support (2), Anna Witter-Merithew: Speaking of micromanaging, trust. This motions builds in transparency
    12. Against (1), David Evans: I support this concept and we understand what we mean now. Will future boards and groups have the same understanding of “substantive” that we do now? As language people, I’d like us to be careful with our language choices.
    13. Call the question: passed
    14. Vote on the amendment: passed
    15. Call the question: passed
    16. Vote on the motion: passed
  4. Motion 7: Eileen Forestal/ Betty Colonomos moved to refer the remaining four motions back to the Board:
    1. Motion: CIT Administrative Policy and Procedures Manual be uploaded for membership access and review. Anna Witter-Merithew/Sharon Neumann Solow


  1. Motion: The CIT board shall bring an amendment to the by-laws regarding to our next business meeting so that quorum is based on the number of eligible voting members registered at the business meeting, not the conference.  Bowen-Bailey/Gajewski-Mickelson

Rationale:  The business meeting is really a separate event from the conference.  None of our members need pay to attend, so the number of voting members at the business meeting and the conference are not necessarily the same.  Furthermore, while we encourage all of our members to be involved in the business of our organization, it is not a requirement, and if members who attend the conference choose to not attend, that should not prevent those members who do attend from carrying on the business of the association.  It is also a much simpler and straightforward process for determining quorum.

  1. Motion: The CIT board shall bring an amendment to the bylaws regarding the eligibility to vote so that any current Full member can vote – removing the requirement of joining 60 days in advance of the conference.   Bowen-Bailey/Gajewski-Mickelson

Rationale:  As a membership organization, we want to encourage all our members to participate in the business of the organization.  And yes, we would like everybody to renew their membership in October, but the reality is that many people don’t renew or join until right before the conference and we should value those members input as well in our governing process.

  1. Motion: Refer the Mission and Vision Statements back to the committee in order to gather feedback from membership via electronic means, then put through a vote through email referendum with a deadline of March 2013. Eileen Forestal/ Stacey Storme/ Anna Witter-Merithew/ Theresa Smith/Cindy Volk/Betty Colonomos

Motion to adjourn Joan Wattman/Holly Nelson

  1. Adjournment at 5:05pm EST