2012 CIT Conference Proceedings – Free Preview

iCORE Logo (Innovative & Creative Opportunities for Research & Education)Proceedings of the Twentieth
Conference of Interpreter Trainers

 iCORE: Innovative and Creative Opportunities for Research and Education

Len Roberson and Sherry Shaw, Editors | October 17-20, 2012 | Charlotte, NC

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The complete version of the proceedings is available online.  All of the articles can be both read online and downloaded as a PDF.

Table of Contents

Training Interpreters in the Public Schools: The TIPS Process   7
Doug Bowen-Bailey, Patty Gordon, Bernhardt Jones, Laurie Shaffer

Support Team Internship:  One Link in Developing Competence 21
Patricia Clark, Elise Coco Mongeon, Leana Jelen, Lydia Dewey Pickard, Gustavo Navarrete-Guastella, Emily Balzano
Creating Innovative Opportunities for Interpreter Education Program Graduates:
Transitioning to the Professional World 35
Amanda R. Smith, Pamela D. Cancel, Elisa M. Maroney (with contributions from Jennifer Borchers, Jenna Curtis, Vicki Darden, Erin Trine, and Robin Van Dusen)
Interpreting in Vocational Rehabilitation Settings:  Curriculum and Resources
From the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers (NCIEC) 55
Anna Witter-Merithew, Trudy Schafer, Pauline Annarino