2014 Business Meeting Minutes

Approved October 28, 2016 — Lexington, KY

Conference of Interpreter Trainers Business Meeting

Portland, Oregon
October 31, 2014

[av_button_big label=’Download Presentation from 2014 CIT Business Meeting’ description_pos=’below’ link=’manually,http://www.cit-asl.org/new/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Business-Meeting-Slides.pdf’ link_target=” icon_select=’yes-left-icon’ icon_hover=’aviaTBicon_hover’ icon=’ue82d’ font=’entypo-fontello’ custom_font=’#ffffff’ color=’purple’ custom_bg=’#444444′ color_hover=’purple’ custom_bg_hover=’#444444′ av_uid=’av-7b9a9′]
The PowerPoint presentation used during the board meeting. Includes information for board reports.

  1. Call to order

Meeting called to order at 9:40 am by President, Leslie Greer

  1. Roll Call – Quorum

73 people at the business meeting. Quorum is met.

  1. Voting Procedures

Wink Smith explained the on-line voting procedures. Members can either vote on line or by card in person.

  1. Approve Standing Rules

Motion 1: Accept the standing rules as written in the CIT 20th Biennial Conference Program book (p. 75).
Made by: Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
Seconded by: Cindy Volk
Motion passed (C:14:01)

  1. Libby Pollard- Parliamentary Procedure

Libby Pollard explained parliamentary procedure rules for the business meeting.

  1. 2012 Business Meeting Minutes

The 2012 Business meeting minutes were reviewed by Kimberly Hale, David Evans and Jessica Bentley-Sassaman.
Motion 2: Accept the 2012 Business meeting minutes.
Made by: Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
Seconded by: Kimberly Hale
Motion passed: (C:14:02)

  1. Board Reports

Each of the board members and directors gave a report on their activities of the past two years.

  1. New Business
  2. Motion 3: To task the board, or a committee designated by the board, with putting an electronic vote to the membership, providing the following choices:Keep the organization name as is.
    2. Change the organization name to another name that also has the acronym CIT, such as the Consortium of Interpreting Teachers.
    3. Change the organization name to something that does not have the acronym CIT.

Made by: Xenia Woods
Seconded by: Ali Ann Artis
Motion carried: 37-23 (C:14:03 )

  1. Motion 4: Move that CIT Board investigate the feasibility of establishing a paid position to manage the technology needs of the organization including web site management, communications, and coordination of electronic storage of organizational information. This investigation would be completed by April 1, 2015 and if deemed feasible, the paid position would be put in place by June 2015.

Made by: Patty Gordon (MN)
Seconded by: Laurie Shaffer (VA)
Motion passed: (C:14:04)

  1. Nominations for 2014 – 2016

President – Leslie Greer
Vice President – Jimmy Beldon
Secretary – Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
Treasurer: No nominations – means board will appoint someone

  1. 2018 Conference Hosts

No one offered to host the 2018 conference, therefore, the board will make the decision or do a survey of the membership.

  1. The meeting was adjourned at 12:05pm.