30 December 2019 CIT Meeting Minutes

CIT Online Meeting


December 30, 2019

Start time 11:08 am EST

Roll Call, Present:

  • Jessica Bentley-Sassaman
  • Stepehen Fitzmaurice
  • Kim Kurz
  • Rebecca Minor
  • Francis Phiri
  • Sarah Wheeler
  • Nicole Morgan
  • Carole Laszorisak

President’s report

  1. Leadership summit will be put on hold as NAD is having an Interpreting Summit which seems to cover what we planned to discuss.
  2. ASLTA MOU was sent to ASLTA, it was copy that was drafted under President Greer’s time. ASLTA will provide feedback and comments in January.
  3. New language that we voted on for our website was updated, related to CIT focusing on ASL/English Interpreting.

Vice President’s report

  1. Awards – Laura Swabey will work with Elaine as chair for awards. Asked Carole to add to conference guide lines that the winner of Mary Stotler will be next chair for award committee.
  2. Working on the 4 award criteria.
  3. Bylaws, will be sent to membership for open comment for 30 days, then members will vote (2/3 needed)

Secretary’s report

  • Vote on November meeting minutes

Treasurer’s report

  • Treasurer Report
    • 30 December 2019
    • WF Checking $ 19,724.11
    • WF Savings $ 7,364.90
    • PayPal $ 58,597.39
    • Total $ 85, 686.40
  • 2020 Budget ready – future reports will be tied to budget line items
  • Tax report by auditor have been filed
  • Outstanding invoices: IJIE Editor & Auditor
  • Membership numbers have buoyed – 239 members with 10 brand new members. While these numbers are still relatively low, we hope to see a surge as people begin to register for the conference.
    • CIT Membership 30 December 2019
      • Voting Membership – 1 year 61
      • Associate Membership (Non-voting) – 1 year 4
      • International Membership (Non-voting) – 1 year 7
      • Retired Member (Non-voting) – 1 year 2
      • Institutional Membership (Non-voting) – 1 year 3
      • First-Time Full Membership (Voting) 8
      • First-Time Associate Membership (Non-Voting) 3
      • First Time International Membership (Non-voting) 1
      • Voting Membership – 2 years 118
      • Associate Membership (Non-voting) – 2 years 7
      • International Membership (Non-voting) – 2 years 13
      • Retired Member (Non-voting) – 2 years 2
      • Institutional Membership (Non-voting) – 2 years 10
      • Total 239

Professional development – Carole

  • Updates from the conference committee – hotel rooms are arranged
  • The conference leaders have been arranged and the contracts are in process of being signed.
  • Possible conference events “bring back the Deaf clubs” event
  • RFP was sent out for interpreter coordinator
  • Waiting for the sponsorship updated letter, Francis was included on this so that he can be involved.
  • Need to figure out the voting app for the business meeting
  • Discussion of the Program Book

Public Relations & Outreach – Phiri

  • Made a video for the scholarships will send to Doug when it is approved.
  • Will work on pay it forward video with Carole and Stephen
  • Discussion of scholarship timeline for interpreter educators from developing countries.
  • Also will work on the criteria for others to come who may not have institutional support to attend the CIT conference.
  • Working on creating a list of who we sponsor and who sponsors us. Will work with Leslie on sponsorship requests.
  • Discussion of other ways to raise funds to pay it forward scholarships – possibly grants or online fundraiser
  • ASLTA has the student ASL honors society, would be nice if we had something for interpreting and students could do fundraising for the scholarships.

Research and Publications – Sarah

  • Becca proposed a SIG for community colleges, Sarah talked to Eileen about adding that to the SIG groups for during the conference
  • Contacted Clemson about being a host for IJIE publications through Clemson Press. There is a cost involved and that will be reported later after more information is gathered. Will be looking into other possible locations as well.
  • Publication spotlights from the past conference proceedings are being sent out via email to members
  • Weebly website set up to support the presenters at the CIT 2020 conference.
  • Will work on the CIT Google docs to upload resources.

Communications – Nicole

  • Posting on Facebook for the spotlights
  • In 2020 will work on increasing posts to increase engagement

Any old business


Any new business – not related to the strategic plan.

  • Becca’s idea for spotlighting members who have accomplished awards, publications and etc. Recognize them on FB and in Newsletter?
  • How we can be present by making more videos
  • Minor/Fitzmaurice. Move to approve the November meeting minutes. Passed

Lunch Break 45 Minutes

Breakout groups to work on strategic plan initiatives

Next meetings:

  • January 15th, 6:30pm EST (3:30pm PST)
  • February 12th, 7:15pm EST (4:15pm PST)
  • March 25th, 7:15pm EST (4:15pm PST)
  • April 15th, 7:15pm EST (4:15pm PST)
  • May 6th, 7:15pm EST (4:15pm PST)

Meeting adjournment moved by Secretary Minor – meeting adjourned by President Bentley-Sassaman at 4:03pm Eastern