A Tour of Deaf Italy – Una Visita alla Communita Sorda d’Italia


A Tour of Deaf Italy – Una Visita alla Communita Sorda d’Italia
St. Louis Community College
Deaf Communication Studies Program and Continuing Education Division

May 25 – June 8, 2015

Rome, Siena, Bologna, and Padua
Open to twenty (20) Deaf individuals, professional interpreters, educators of the Deaf, and interpreting students who are fluent in ASL.
Primary Tour Guide: Terry Giansanti – American Deaf individual living in Italy. Fluent in ASL, English, LIS, and Italian.
Study Themes:

  • Lingua Italiana de Segni (LIS)
  • Italian Deaf History
  • Current Deaf Culture and Organizations
  • Deaf-Government Relations
  • Deaf Education, past and present, oral and signed
  • Profession of Interpreting, and Interpreter Training
  • Tourist activities: Wine tour, Vatican museums, ancient Rome

Cost:   $5,000
$1,200 deposit immediately to reserve place; $1,000 payments on the first of December, January, February, and March.
Includes: Round trip airfare from St. Louis, MO; hotels; breakfasts; transportation; admissions to Deaf clubs, LIS instruction, roundtable discussions, lectures, storytelling, and tourist activities; four dinners with our Deaf hosts; tours of Deaf sites. Lunches and dinners on your own.
Must have a current passport.
For more details and/or questions, contact:
Tom Flynn, DCS Program Coordinator
or visit