August 8 – 10, 2017 CIT Board Face to Face Meeting Minutes

CIT Board Face to Face Meeting
August 8 – 10, 2017
The meeting was called to order at 8:40 AM Eastern, August 8, 2017
Present: Leslie Greer, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Kim Kurz, Carole Lazorisak, Sarah Wheeler, Janis Cole Becca Minor, and Patty Lessard
President Report – Leslie Greer

  • First action was to approve the meeting minutes from February, March, April and May.


  • ASLTA conference recap


  • DIC recap

Vice President Report – Kim Kurz

  • Mary Stolter Award committee Laurie Swaby accepted as she was the last recipient. We discussed sending out a call for committee members.


  • The camera and equipment were ordered. We will keep the camera at the board member’s house in Maryland so that there is easy access to it.


  • In the fall will do a call for translators for the Bylaws.


  • Mary Darragh Maclean RID Professional Development Committee


  • CCIE signed the formal agreement


  • Discussion of bylaws will be held until new business

Secretary Report – Jessica Bentley-Sassaman

  • No report at this time, will review action items

Treasures Report – Patty Lessard
Wells Fargo:
Checking:   $35,627.65
Savings:     $88,016.64
PayPal:       $66,938.05
Total:         $190,582.34

  • Discussion of possible dual membership with ASLTA or giving ASLTA members a discount to join CIT.

Communication – Becca Minor

  • Survey for the name change 40 responses so far as of last week.


  • Keeping up with twitter has a YouTube channel ready.


  • Discussion of the Facebook page and the videos being posted are generating more hits

Possibly type up an article about the leadership track at RID as the CIT representative.
Ideas about keeping member in off conference years making sure our efforts match with our goals.
Discussion of the company “Constant Contact” as a possible outlet for advertising.
Professional Development – Carole Lazorisak

  • We held a booth at ASLTA Conference in Salt Lake City from June 28 to
    July 1, 2017.  Fifty-one participants signed up – showing their
    interest in joining CIT.  A lot more came to talk with us and learn
    about what CIT can do for them.  Some who were CIT members stopped by
    to say hello!


  • During ASLTA met with Carolyn Ball and everything is working out well. We talked about the buddy system with new first time members/conference attendees will be paired up with an experienced conference goer.


  • Registration fee is set


  • Conference logo is set.


  • CIT Forum
    Deaf Interpreter Conference 2 in Villanova University, PA
    Saturday, July 15, 2017 at 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM
    Board Members: Leslie Greer, Kim Kurz, Janis Cole, Carole Lazorisak,
    and former-Jimmy Beldon
    We collected data from the audience to learn what they represent and
    what they do in our field.
    Position/Work              ASL               IEP/ITP/IPP
    Teacher                              50                         31
    Tutor                                  46                         22
    Mentor                               48                         39
    Workshop Presenters     35                         29
    Researchers                        8                           7
    These numbers show that ASLTA members work with IEP/ITP/IPP programs and are encouraged to join CIT to enhance and strengthen both programs.
  • Carole will send out the CIT Inventory list to identify who has what

Public Relations and Outreach – Janis Cole

  • Has been actively promoting CIT at the ASLTA conference and will represent at StreetLeverage


  • Published CIT advertisements:


  • Ad for the NAOBI conference last March
  • ASLTA conference in SLC did advertise there


  • Sent ad to RID views for the CIT conference 1/4-page advertisement – needed a jpg and figured that out


  • CIT shirts for the new board members was discussed


  • Discussion of CIT membership and how it is evolving to many part time teachers instead of full-time

Research and Publications – Sarah Wheeler

  • The conference business meeting motion Kim Bates IJIE now open access


  • Discussion of Creative commons – sharing information


  • Miako will be the proceedings editor again next year. Need hard deadlines so it is published in a timely fashion.


  • Discussion of Deaf interpreter or translator to translate past IJIE research articles into ASL.

New Business

  • We began by reviewing our mission statement and a discussion of updating the wording.


  • CIT and ASLTA will develop an MOU. CIT will develop it and send it to ASLTA based on the motion at the ASLTA conference regarding a CIT-ASLTA MOU.


  • Discussed the importance of sending out the video CIT made of the

parliamentarian procedures to the members prior to the conference. This is important for the members to understand the procedures and for
transparency reasons.

  • Discussion of a training in social justice training at our next CIT face to face retreat in June.


  • Discussion of the DIC2 conference


  • Discussion of millennial generation and how to handle the issues in the classroom. We want a millennial pedagogy expert to come to CIT and have sustained dialogue about it.


  • Discussion of RID conference – lessons we can apply to CIT. Discussion of the hotel as CIT will be using the hotel and anything we may need to follow up on – lighting and coffee breaks.


  • Discussion of CIT conference having an evening forum related to Power, Privilege and Oppression such as a round robin with mediators.


  • Discussion of possible mentored activities at CIT for students/recent

graduates and mentors. Similar to the 5 Deaf interpreters who came to the previous conference. Now expanding to hearing interpreters.

  • Discussion of deaf and hearing presenters at CIT conferences and encouraging the numbers to grow.


  • Discuss reducing registration fee for presenter and still give gifts to the presenters.


  • Discussion of the conference schedule – evening forums. Wednesday Opening Ceremony, Thursday CCIE forum, Friday, guided question seminar, Saturday Banquet.


  • Planned video promo for SLC conference and began to make the videos.


  • Discussion of the process for choosing presenters. Names were provided as possible screening committee members.


  • Discussion of Mary Stotler award and 4 new awards, teaching, scholarship, mentoring, leadership.

August 9, 2017

  • Discussion of Conflict of interest form and making sure our board

understands ethical guidelines and conflicts of interest. All board members signed the conflict of interest form.

  • Bylaws discussion – director of communications – take out tech and take out membership. This position would be “internal customer” Public Relations and Outreach will be “external customers”. Motions were made to this effect and a draft of the revised bylaws and motions will be sent to the membership.


  • Janis developed a CIT cheer that inspired the board.


  • Motions were made in relation to ordering Robert’s Rules of Order, Parliamentarian Procedures, and CIT Legends and Legacies for board members (these will be passed down to new board members).


  • Continued the discussion of possible screening committee members.


  • Discussion of CIT Board shirts.


  • StreetLeverage document was sent to us for our feedback. The board provided answers and feedback for all the questions. Janis Cole took notes and will represent CIT at StreetLeverage.


  • Discussion of the video conferencing equipment CIT will use for online meetings. Also the possible uses of the equipment beyond board meetings such as forums during off conference years.


  • Discussion of Presenter gifts for CIT conference – gifts for the Keynote, Plenary, and endnote different from presenters.


  • Discussion of mentoring and the investigation of developing a standard PINRA form for mentors to use to earn CEUs while working as a mentor.


  • Discussion of future meeting face to face dates either June 4-7 or June 11-14


  • Discussion of VRSII and CATIE center – video conference with Doug to discuss ideas for CIT collaboration.


  • Discussion of CIT post-card mailers to ITPs to advertise the conference and recruit new members.


  • Discussion of a further bylaw revision of adding the past president in an ex officio role. To be sent out with the bylaw revisions to the membership.

August 10, 2017

  • Discussion of souvenirs for CIT conference participants


  • Discussion of the International Journal of Interpreter Education and the possibility of translating past issues.


  • Discussion of guidelines for protocol in the International Journal of Interpreter Education in relation to ASL and English versions of articles.


  • Discussion of Aurasma app and QR Reading apps for the CIT conference.

Next meeting is online on Sept. 6, 2017 at 11:30 AM EST, 10:30 AM CST, 9:30 AM MST and 8:30 AM PST.
The meeting is adjourned at 10:29 AM.
Respectfully Submitted By,
Jessica Bentley August 8-9, 2017
(Kim Kurz) August 10, 2017