Call for Editor: International Journal of Interpreter Education

This position may be filled by one individual or by two co-editors.

The Journal Editor is responsible for all aspects of publication of the International Journal of Interpreter Education. The Editor will oversee the content and delivery of the Journal, which is published semi-annually. The Editor is committed to maintaining a publication with a high degree of scholarship on applied and theoretical research in signed and spoken language interpreter education. The Editor reports directly to the CIT Director of Research and Publications and works closely with the Editorial Board, Copy Editor, Webmaster, and the CIT Board in order to advance the goals of the Journal.
General Responsibilities:

  • Define the overall strategic direction for the Journal in partnership with the CIT Director of Research and Publications and CIT Board.
  • Provide leadership to achieve the goals determined by that strategic direction.
  • Work with the CIT Director of Research and Publications, CIT Board, and Editorial Board to recruit and select editorial reviewers as needed.
  • Maintain regular communications with members of the CIT Director of Research and Publications, CIT Board, and Editorial Board to discuss policies, procedures, and the progress of the publication.
  • Actively solicit the submission of manuscripts for publication in the Journal.
  • Serve as the primary liaison to authors by receiving and processing manuscripts and providing an initial review of the manuscripts.
  • Assign manuscripts for review by members of the Editorial Board.
  • Based on the reviews, notify authors of the status of their manuscript as being accepted, accepted with revisions, or rejected.
  • If the manuscript is accepted with revisions, provide authors with reviewer feedback for improvement (e.g., clarity, development of ideas, scholarly accuracy, overall quality, and compliance with publication guidelines).
  • If the manuscript is rejected for publication, return the manuscript with constructive comments to authors.
  • Coordinate production activities for the Journal with the Editorial Board, Copy Editor and Webmaster in order to achieve deadlines for production.
  • Write an editorial for each issue of the Journal.
  • Develop ancillary materials such as style guidelines for authors and solicitation requests from authors.
  • Respond promptly to all inquiries regarding the Journal.
  • Promote the Journal through professional networks.
  • Report annually to the CIT Board and Editorial Board on the status of the Journal.


  • Doctoral degree in related field
  • Experience in or knowledge of interpreter education
  • Knowledge of research literature in interpreter education
  • Publication record
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Knowledge of editing principles and style formats
  • Ability to adhere to deadlines
  • Leadership and management skills

Term of Service:
The Editor will serve a two-year term, renewable at the discretion of the CIT Board. The CIT Board will evaluate the Editor annually.
To apply, please submit the following:

  • Letter of interest
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Writing sample
  • Two letters of recommendation

Note: If two individuals are interested in serving as co-editors, please submit the application materials for both individuals and a letter indicating this is a proposal for a co-editorship.
The materials should be sent via email attachment to Kimberly Hale, CIT Director of Research and Publications, at:

The deadline for submission of application is April 25, 2014.