The Change is Here, The Change is Now

West-Oyedele’s (2015) Persistence of African-American/Black Signed Language Interpreters in the United States: The Importance of Culture and Capital closes with a call to action for the field of signed language interpreting to address the disparities of African American/Black (AA/Black) interpreters in the profession. In direct response, faculty at the University of Cincinnati conducted a Participatory Action Research project from which the Cincinnati African American/Black Interpreter Collaborative (CAABIC) was formed. This webinar will start with the history of CAABIC, including its successes and challenges, and sharing perspectives of its Leadership Team that drove this work along the journey to forming as an organization.

Presenters will highlight the principles, values, and events that have made this work possible, sharing research and resources that have served as its foundation. Participants will be asked to consider their role as co-conspirators in supporting similar work in their own communities. As a potential model for other communities of practice, specific attention will be given to success indicators and challenges in implementation.

The Cincinnati AA/Black Interpreter Collaborative (CAABIC) is a community of practitioners who support one another as they actively address the disparity of representation of AA/Black interpreters in the ASL/English interpreting profession. Founded in October 2019, CAABIC boasts a membership of more than 30 members across Greater Cincinnati. The Leadership Team is composed of Cassie Boyd, Katoria Carter, Jasmine McBurrows, Braylyn Myers,Akilah Z. Richardson, and Crystal Stewart. CAABIC is representative of the diversity among Cincinnati’s interpreters,ranging from students in interpreter education programs to recent graduates and practitioners of more than 20 years. Its membership operates in every aspect of the interpreting field – interpreter coordination, mentoring, teaching, and leadership positions within key organizations. Members work in a plethora of settings including K-12, post-secondary,medical, mental health, vocational, community, VRS, VRI, religious, performance arts, and platform. CAABIC’s aim is to create a more equitable and inclusive field that honors the lived experiences and contributions of AA/Black.


Jul 31 2021


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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