Including Community in the Education of Sign Language Community Interpreters through Inclusive Technology Design

Danny Roush, Eastern Kentucky University and Tara Stevens, EKU & Gallaudet University

This presentation outlined the TerpTube resource which is being developed as a way to try to mind the gap between graduation and work readiness.

TerpTube project partners

Eastern Kentucky University promote equality of Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing people and their diverse communities
Ryerson University in Toronto has complimentary mission

Need based on Growth and Demand for Interpreter Services

  • Started with interpreters provided out of Deaf community, now shifted to academically trained;  Deaf members of the community have more influence on when people
  • Academically trained interpreters – often gap between graduation and work readiness
  • Gap due in part to lack of ASL skills
  • Need for mentoring, Deaf and interpreters
  • Issue of representing language for a signed language to be represented in English glossing

Ryerson partnered with SignLink Studio software and so this is being used for being able to upload and create synced comments within videos.

Sample of TerpTube interface

TerpTube interface
The interface here shows how certain comments are linked to time periods within the video.  Notice how the arrow is hovering over a red bar on the time line and the upper comment is highlighted with a red border.  The student is then able to see that the video comment there is associated with what took place in that time frame of the video.  Users are able to create their own comments (both video and text) as well as draw from a library of videos that address common themes.

Usability Survey

Tested on EKU campus with team from Ryerson University

What was learned…

  • Advantages:
    • Options
    • time saver
    • visually friendly
    • creates a record
    • easy to learn
    • distance
  • Disadvantages
    • audio (some students might be tempted to use L1, instead of L2)
    • the bugs
    • confusion with threads
    • time required to learn
    • cost
  • Suggestions:
    • Tool tips (hover over function and get help)
    • Highlights on interface
    • Add synchronous & asynchronous blend
  • Ideas:
    • Use as a central meeting place (like a discussion forum)
    • Include ready-made comments
    • Have more interaction

Future Directions:

  • Three year project (in year two)
  • Develop core interface into a CMS
  • Develop ability to do source-target video synchronization
  • Include a captioning tool
  • Have more testing

More Resources

For more information about the TerpTube project, contact