Meeting Minutes March 9, 2016

CIT Online Meeting
March 9, 2016
Meeting called to order at 7:10 Eastern time by President Greer.
Present: Leslie Greer, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Carol Lasorisak, Jeremy Rogers, Kimberly Hale, Kim Kurz, Patty Lessard,
Excused Jimmy Beldon
Absent Kellie Stewart

  • Kim Kurz was welcomed to the board as Director of Communications and Technology
  • ASLTA and CIT plan to re-establish our partnership
  • ASLTA and CIT have been in conversation about the possibility of sharing a support staff person. Consideration for a support staff also be shared with CCIE
  • Meeting minute were approved
  • Review of action items
  • Director of Professional Development ensured the arrangements were made for the face to face meeting in April
    • Carole needs the reservation number for the hotel
    • Carole needs the food choices for the face to face meeting
  • Director of Public Relations and Outreach Report
    • Students as support staff this discussion was tabled until the next meeting to first develop duties of support staff
    • Sponsorship for speakers NTID did already sponsor a speaker. Discussion of other possible sponsorships for the plenary and end note speakers.
    • For booth vendors – the hotel should be responsible for communicating directly with the venders about the shipment of boxes, use of electricity and internet services. CIT wants to be cut out as the intermediary.
    • Summer meeting to finish the strategic plan.

Meeting adjourned at 8:01 Eastern by President Greer