Meeting Minutes November 18, 2015

CIT Online Meeting
November 18th at 4 p.m. PST
Meeting called to order at 7:07 Eastern time.
present: Leslie Greer, Jimmy Beldon, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman,  Patty Lessard, Carol Lasorisak, Jeremy Rogers, Kimberly Hale
Excused Kellie Stewart

  • Approval minutes
  • President’s report
  • Vice President’s report
    1. Bylaws Video / Vote system vote through referendum
    2. StreetLeverage Accelerate 2016 – Jessica will attend and work on developing ideas for the panel.
    3. RID and NAD Relationship – we want to be a stakeholder in the process as we graduate/work with interpreters to prepare them for certification.
  • Secretary’s report reviewed action items
  • Treasurer’s report E990 form 2014 CIT made a profit – we need to be aware of making profits as a non-profit organization.
  • Directors’ reports
    1. Professional Development’s report
      1. Conference Registration document
      2. Call for Papers document
  • Conference Speakers
  1. Hotel reservations March/April weekend – the hotel rooms have been reserved.
  2. Communication with Doug and Paula
  3. Communication with Linda
  1. Public Relations and Outreach’s report
    1. Bylaws Postcards – vista print will print then will send to Kellie to send out January 19 along with reminder emails.
    2. Social Media for Bylaws Use it to remind people to look at their emails and only voting members can vote on the bylaws.
  • Starting sponsors, advertising and exhibit vendors – a letter was drafted. NTID wants to sponsor Wednesday night, we are waiting for payment to confirm their sponsorship

Meeting adjourned 9:26 pm eastern