Reasons to Attend the 2014 CIT Conference

The CIT Conference Committee shares a variety of reasons to attend the conference in Portland.  Check out this video.
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English Summary:

Conference Committee members from videoThe following is a written summary of the ASL video.  Note that this provides the content but doesn’t do justice to the humor in the video.  It is definitely worth watching.

Opening:   Leslie Greer  – President/Exhibitors & Sponsors Co-Chair

President Greer enters looking over several different sweaters that she is carrying.  On seeing she is on camera, she announces that the 20th Conference of CIT will be held in Portland, Oregon on October 29 – November 1, 2014.  History is being made with having an all-Deaf lineup of plenary speakers.  The keynote speaker is Kathy Jankowski.  Our two plenary speakers are Flavia Fleischer and Nigel Howard and the endnote speaker is Joseph Hill.
While this is CIT’s 20th conference, it is our 35th anniversary.  So, expect some celebration to be taking place.
Now, the only question she has is which clothes she should bring to the conference.

Jimmy Beldon – Vice President/Interpreting Chair

Jimmy is hurriedly leaving the office and says he is getting ready to head to Portland for all the exciting presentations and time together with colleagues.  Doesn’t have too much time to talk because he is on his way to the airport, but he hopes to see you there.

Cindy Volk – Secretary/Exhibitors & Sponsors Co-Chair

Dressed in a halloween mask, Cindy invites you all to join with CIT in celebrating halloween in Portland.  It promises to be “spooktacular”.

Richard Laurion – Treasurer/Conference Budget Manager

He is packing getting ready to head to Portland, OR.  He hopes you have your bags packed, too, and are going to be heading there.

Windell “Wink” Smith – CIT Technology/Communications Chair

Wink shares so many reasons why he is so excited to get to the CIT conference in Portland that he has trouble keeping track of exactly how many reasons there are:

  • The CIT Board has been working on making the business meeting more efficient, so members can look forward to taking part in the work of running CIT.
  • Entertainment will be provided by Mr. Shineyhead, who is a Deaf performer and educator from the Portland area.  Wink will also be joining him for part of the performance.
  • A Trip to the Nightmare Factory, the Oregon School for the Deaf’s Haunted House.  Wink suggests that you might want to wear layers of underwear in case it is too scary – or perhaps just send him in first to see if it truly is safe.

He has his flight booked on the U.S.S. Enterprise (of Star Trek) fame to get there, but if you aren’t able to afford a trip, he suggests you can go in his luggage.  (Editor’s note:  You might also want to consider a  Streaming Registration to view the plenaries and business meetings online.)

Jessica Bentley-Sassaman – Membership/Voting Chair

Jessica hopes you will join CIT for a wonderful time for networking and sharing.

Carole Lasorizak – Professional Development/Conference Chair

Carole Lasorizak is busy at work getting ready for CIT, making sure she has everything she needs.  In all her flyers, one is on the train which runs from the airport right near the hotel.  So getting around in Portland will be a breeze.  Hopes to see you there soon.

Samond Bishara – Outreach Chair

Samond is excited about the hotel accommodations that the board has secured.

Kimberly Hale – Publications Chair

Kimberly is excited for October and ready to see all of you at the CIT Conference.

Paula Gajewski-Mickelson/Doug Bowen-Bailey – Registration Committee

Paula is knocking on Doug’s door – dressed in a witch costume.  Doug asks if she wants some candy.  Paula responds that she doesn’t want any candy – just for all of you to come to the CIT Conference.  (She also provides the helpful reminders that you should leave your chickens at home.)

Anna Witter-Merrithew – Program Chair

Anna shares how the committee had its work cut out for it to select from almost 100 proposals to pare it down to the fabulous conference program that you will be able to experience.

Holly Nelson – Program Book Chair

Holly Nelson will be designing the program book which will include all sorts of useful information about the program, presenters, CEUs, hotel, and sponsors.  She looks forward to seeing you soon.
The video ends with pictures of the two “shy” members of the committee not included in the video:
Bridget Sabatke – A/V chair
Xenia Woods – Volunteer Coordinator