September 19, 2016 Meeting Minutes

CIT Agenda
September 19, 2016
Present: Leslie Greer, Jimmy Beldon, Jessica Bentley-Sassaman, Jeremy Rogers, Kim Kurz, Kellie Stewart, Carole Lasorisak and Patty Lessard
Absent none
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm Eastern by President Greer

  • Newsletter – updates and changes to special announcements instead of quarterly newsletters.
  • Sponsorship/exhibitors excel
  • Contract papers on each guest speakers – Patty has the signed documents from the presenters, we are waiting on one more to come in.
  • PPM – we will break up into groups and focus on our duties to work on finishing everything up at our face to face meeting in October prior to the conference.


  • Interpreters – 2 CDI will be present and one half time. Also there will be a Japanese Sign Language interpret present
  • There were two different requests for hearing interpreters, local interpreters will be utilized for those presentations
  • We will have stand-by interpreters during the conference to be present as needed.
  • An interpreter was discussed for the keynote speaker who is familiar with Christian.
  • News of a new sponsor and exhibitor that will attend CIT.


  • July Meeting minutes passed, no meeting minutes for August as there was no quorum.
  • Action of items were reviewed.


  • Wells Fargo:
    • Checking  $43,220.44
    • Savings:  $140,934.51
    • Total: $184,154.95
  • PayPal
    • $75,807.52
  • Possible have a scholarship for conferences or possible part time staff to assist during conference years
  • Sponsorship checks to be sent in for the conference
  • Discussion of projected budget for the conference

Communication/Technology and interim Publications:

  • International Journal of Interpreter Education – discussion of if a university has multiple campus the cost for the university subscription should be the same regardless of the number of sites.
  • Proceeding editors – Discussion of the deadline being February 1, 2017. Discussion of some kind of incentive to ensure that authors submit the work.


  • Discussion of the memorial PowerPoint for the conference
  • Will provide membership breakdown for the membership categories at the conference

Public Relation and Outreach:

  • Update on the Facebook about the conference
  • Street Leverage contract was signed by the president and sent to the treasurer.
  • Lanyard’s with CIT’s logo on them and will have a thumb drive 4 GB storage
  • Update on the exhibitor tables
  • Horseshoe’s paperweights for workshop presenters
  • Star pins

Prof. Development:

  • Deposit for bus – not much interest in the trip therefore it will be cancelled.
  • Carol-lee – pre-conference presenter
  • Hotel rooms for KY people
  • Meal planning during the conference week

Meeting adjourned at 9:26 pm Eastern by president Greer.