Spotlight: Deaf Translation: Socio-Cultural Perspective

Today’s spotlight is on

Deaf Translation: Socio-Cultural Perspective

by Eileen Forestal, Janis Cole

Proceedings abstract

There is limited research on Deaf translators and their approaches to translation. New research on Deaf translators will be shared which will support the argument that translation should be viewed through a socio-cultural perspective. Deaf translators provide that perspective through their formative experiences, language and cultural competence to add depth, context, and more meaning to ASL/English translations. There will be opportunities for discussion on teaching approaches using translation based on first-hand accounts from Deaf translators and a collaborative approach working with Deaf and hearing colleagues. The presentation suggests directions in terms of promoting and building a stronger generation of Deaf translators.

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About this Spotlight Series

CIT has played a significant role in the history of interpreter education in the United States. The conference proceedings on this page include workshop abstracts, papers, and business meeting minutes for many of these conferences.
The goals of the Proceedings Spotlight are to highlight:

  1. the valuable information and hard work that has gone into creating the CIT Proceedings,
  2. the importance of CIT in the history of interpreter education in the United States, and how conference proceedings have played a part in furthering interpreter education,
  3. different ways that Proceedings can be used to enhance and support research, education, and mentoring within the interpreting field,
  4. and positive outcomes, such as student success or enhanced skill development, as a result of applying the information shared within the CIT Proceedings.