Spotlight ~ Where’s the App for That?

Today’s spotlight is on

Where’s the App for That? An Online Prototype Individual Development Plan Generator for Novice Interpreters

by Doug Bowen-Bailey, Patty Gordon, LaTanya Jones, Marty Taylor

Proceedings abstract

Most students who will enter college in the fall were 7 years old when the original iPhone was announced. These students have grown up in a digital age when there is an app for almost anything. Interpreter education is working to take advantage of digital possibilities. One effort is the development of an online app to create Individual Development Plans for novice interpreters, part of the RSA grant funded Graduation to Certification program at the CATIE Center.  Using the work of Marty Taylor (2017, 2002) and the Entry-to-Practice Competencies (2004) as frameworks, this prototype generates a customized report for interpreters with suggestions for targeted activities available in an online repository.This presentation will report on developing the app for use with interpreting students and novice interpreters, look at the challenges of assessing complex skills, discuss future development, and identify ways that educators can incorporate the app into their own programs.

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About this Spotlight Series

CIT has played a significant role in the history of interpreter education in the United States. The conference proceedings on this page include workshop abstracts, papers, and business meeting minutes for many of these conferences.
The goals of the Proceedings Spotlight are to highlight:

  1. the valuable information and hard work that has gone into creating the CIT Proceedings,
  2. the importance of CIT in the history of interpreter education in the United States, and how conference proceedings have played a part in furthering interpreter education,
  3. different ways that Proceedings can be used to enhance and support research, education, and mentoring within the interpreting field,
  4. and positive outcomes, such as student success or enhanced skill development, as a result of applying the information shared within the CIT Proceedings.