Vision Statement

English Version

In order to promote the development of quality interpreters, CIT and its members:

  • Recognize that languages and cultures are not static, but living and evolving and in order to be effective teachers/learners, we must be living and evolving with the communities we serve and be actively engaged in cultural dialogues and interactions that preserve indigenous signed languages/cultures.
  • Recognize that language rich environments in signed language are vital to linguistic and cultural exchange, transmission and preservation of American Sign Language and the building of dynamic multi-cultural and bi-cultural community relationships.
  • Commit to creating a collegial environment that is free of racism, linguistic barriers, audism, or any kind of attitude or belief system that causes harm.
  • Support critical thinking, research, excellent teaching/learning practices, networking and community building in order to ensure that interpreter educators and students are engaged in real world and meaningful teaching and learning.
  • Adhere to standards, ethics, teaching practices and actions that promote the overall well-being of Deaf communities and the preservation of their indigenous signed languages and cultures.

Adopted 2013

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