Fall 2018: Webinars from the TIEM Center!

Fall 2018:
Webinars from the TIEM Center!

Looking for Advanced Learning Opportunities? Challenging Topics? RID CEUs?

Don’t just sit there! Join us for any of our 3 exciting interactive webinars. Two of them explore the concepts and applications of Role-Space Theory! This pioneering state-of-the-art theory with wide-spread application for interpreting and interpreter preparation—but what does it mean, and how do we infuse it into our work?
A third explores concepts in discourse analysis for interpreters and educators! As our understanding of discourse, meaning, and interaction continue to grow, we discuss new ideas and applications for interpreting and education.
Take advantage of these opportunities for advanced level professional development experience as we explore the ramifications and applications of role-space in interpreting, interpreter education and mentoring!

Webinar 1: Role-space: You’ve Heard the Term But What Does It Mean?

Facilitator: Christine Monikowski, Ph.D

Dates: September 17 – October 21, 2018 (5 weeks)

Understand the concept of Role-Space and apply it to our work in the educational setting. Although this online community specifically targets educational interpreting settings, this information can be applied to interpreters working in a variety of settings. For experienced interpreters, this info will probably not strike us as new but the terminology and the research validates choices we make on a daily basis.

  • Specific Pre-requisite skills/knowledge: Experience interpreting in an educational setting (K-12 or post-secondary).
  • Languages: This online Learning Community is accessible via spoken English with captions.

More Information and Registration: Role-space: You’ve Heard the Term But What Does It Mean?

Webinar 2: Infusing Role-Space Theory and Applications in Teaching Interpreting: Strategies, Activities, Applications!

Facilitator: Robert G. Lee (co-author of Redefining the Role of the Community Interpreter)

Dates: October 8-21, 2018 (2 Weeks)

Explore how we can infuse role-space theory into our teaching and mentoring. You will have the opportunity to refresh your understanding of Role-Space Theory, participate in online group discussions about why, how, and when we might incorporate Role-Space Theory into teaching and mentoring, prepare and/or share lessons or activities that you have used, or hope to use, to incorporate Role-Space Theory into your own classes.

  • Specific Pre-requisite skills/knowledge: Basic familiarity with Role-Space Theory (e.g. Webinar 1 or other studies) and some experience/interest in teaching and/or mentoring.
  • Languages: This online Learning Community is accessible via ASL and written English.

More Information and Registration: Infusing Role-Space Theory in Teaching Interpreting

Webinar 3: Discourse Analysis: Cues, Context and Communication

Facilitators: Drs. Betsy Winston and Cynthia Roy

Dates: September 17-October 7, 2018 (3 Weeks)

Understanding discourse and discourse analysis is essential for interpreters, interpreter educators, and frankly, for anyone who participates in communication! Communication and interpreting are, after all, nothing more nor less than discourse analysis in action. Join us to discover discourse as language in use, exploring four major themes in discourse analysis: 1) emerging meaning; 2) interaction; 3) a series of choices and decisions; and 4) context.

  • Specific Pre-requisite skills/knowledge: Experience interpreting and or teaching interpreting.
  • Languages: This online Learning Community is accessible via written English readings. Discussion forums may also include ASL and/or International Sign Language postings-participants need to supply written English translations.

More Information and Registration: Discourse Analysis: Cues, Context and Communication

Logistics & Materials

  • Times: At your own convenience during the dates, but there are specific times/dates for assignments.
  • Location: In your favorite chair, home or office…in your pajamas?
  • Target Audience: Interpreters, Educators, Mentors (experience level – intermediate thru advanced)
  • Required Text: See each webinar description at the links above for more information!
  • Interactive online discussions: To facilitate active online discussions, registration is typically limited to between 8-15 people.
  • Cost: $195.00 (Returning TIEM webinar participants receive 20% discount!).
    • Webinar Refunds: 50% refund if requested in writing 15 days before start of event; no other refunds are available, unless the webinar is canceled due to low enrollment (less than 8, at discretion of Facilitator).

RID CEUs: You can earn as many as 2.0 RID Professional Studies CEUs for each webinar through the TIEM Center for no additional cost-details provided in the webinar instructions! Don’t wait! Register Today!