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The Conference of Interpreter Trainers is a professional organization of interpreter educators. Primarily focused on interpreters working between American Sign Language and English, CIT is a professional organization dedicated to laying the educational foundations for interpreters to build bridges of understanding.

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Call for Editorial Staff for the International Journal of Interpreter EducationGreetings CIT Members,The Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT) Board of Directors is announcing several exciting changes at the International Journal of Interpreter Education. First, CIT is now partnering with Clemson University Press to publish future issues of IJIE. We are transitioning to a publisher-provided system for submitting and publishing through BePress. This user-friendly, online system will streamline manuscript submission, the peer-review process, and publication. CIT is continuing to provide open access to the journal, and all previous issues of IJIE are being migrated to this portal for a one-stop-shop experience! Secondly, we would like to thank Ineke Crezee and George Major for their work over the last several years as co-editors of the journal. Both have announced that they are ready to transition leadership to a new editor. Therefore, we are looking to revise the editorial structure of IJIE with this call for editorial staff. Mainly, the CIT Board will appoint a Main Editor and has created the new positions of Managing Editor and Assistant Editor for the journal. Third, in addition to the above changes, the CIT Board is revisiting the makeup of the Editorial Board. We wish to also thank all current Editorial Board Members for their service. We will be reaching out to each of them to see if they would like to continue to serve. The CIT Board is committed to recruiting new Editorial Board Members as well. We are sharing position descriptions here. If you are interested in serving, please email a letter of interest indicating which position you would like to fill and a copy of your current CV highlighting your relevant skills to our current Director of Research and Publications, Danielle Hunt, at publications@cit-asl.org. She is also available to answer any questions that you might have.Committing to continuing our support of the dissemination of research in the field of interpreter education,The Conference of Interpreter Trainers (CIT) Board of Directors ... See MoreSee Less
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Hello! I'm Ben Davis, CIT's current Director for Professional Development. While we were disappointed that the 2020 conference had to be cancelled, we are already making plans for next year's conference in Philadelphia. Look for more information about the conference to be released soon!I'm thrilled to announce to CIT will be providing our membership two professional development opportunities this summer. The first will be held Saturday, July 31st, from 12p-2p Eastern Time. The Cincinnati African American/Black Interpreter Collective will be presenting a webinar entitled "The Change Is Here, The Change Is Now." The second webinar will be held Wednesday, August 4th, from 4:30p-6:30p Eastern Time. Dr. Jenny Gough and Leslie Greer will be presenting "Multicultural Interpreting: Types, Strategies and Techniques." We are looking forward to these exciting presentations as we round out the summer. You can register by visiting our website at www.cit-asl.org. Please feel free to reach out to me at pd@cit-asl.org should you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you in our webinars this summer!Ben DavisDirector of Professional Development ... See MoreSee Less
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Upcoming webinars for CIT Members only! August 4th 4:30-6:30pm EST "Multicultural Interpreting: Types, Strategies and Techniques" www.cit-asl.org/new/conference/cit-webinars/ ... See MoreSee Less
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Upcoming webinars for CIT members only! Check it out! July 31st 12-2pm EST "The Change is here, The Change is Now: Cincinnati AA/Black Interpreter Collaborative. Log into your CIT membership page for more details! www.cit-asl.org/new/conference/cit-webinars/ ... See MoreSee Less
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Hello- My name is Eric Driskill and I am the new Director of Communication for CIT. This video is to inform you that CIT is transitioning to a new website and currently we are experiencing some disruption in our website use. The new website will be up soon and will be an improvement. If you have ideas or suggestions for our new website you can send them to me at communications@cit-asl.org. Thank you. ... See MoreSee Less
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Hello! I'm Rosalinda Voss, a hearing person of Deaf parents, Deaf grandparents, and have five other Deaf family members. I have worked as an ASL/English interpreter since 2004... https://youtu.be/I6DDr5rEtTk

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